From Barcelona’s Vibrance to Munich’s Magnificence: A Journey Across
Europe’s High Alps

Alpine Heights & Urban Delights: Barcelona to Munich Adventure

Barcelona to Munich: A High Alps Escapade

Commence in the sun-kissed city of Barcelona and journey through the heart of Europe, touching Andorra’s mountainous charm, Gorges du Tarn’s natural artistry, and Grenoble, the gateway to the Alps. Traverse Aosta’s Roman history before diving deep into Switzerland’s iconic Lauterbrunnen valley. Journey through the luxurious aura of St Moritz, the cultural blend of Bolzano, the scenic allure of Kaprun, and finally, let Munich’s Bavarian vibrance captivate you. This tour intertwines culture, nature, and adventure, creating a European tapestry unlike any other.

Each leg of this odyssey offers a distinctive narrative, whisking riders through a kaleidoscope of landscapes and experiences. From the serpentine mountain passes that challenge your riding skills to the tranquil moments sipping espresso in quaint Alpine towns, the spectrum is broad and enchanting. As days unfurl, the tour transforms into more than just a journey — it becomes a heartfelt conversation with Europe’s timeless essence, echoed in every twist, turn, and tale encountered. By the culmination, riders will have not only traversed magnificent terrains but will have woven their own stories into the rich tapestry of this grand European expedition.

Catalan Commencements to Bavarian Bliss: A Motorbike Adventure

Experience the BMW Alpine Essence

Embark on a twelve-day voyage from Barcelona to Munich, navigating through Europe’s majestic landscapes atop our pristine BMW motorbike selection.

Chart Through European Majesties

Steer our premier BMW motorcycles across paths curated for adventurers — from the mountainous allure of Andorra and Gorges du Tarn to the Alpine wonders of Aosta and Lauterbrunnen, the opulent atmosphere of St. Moritz, and the historic charm of Bolzano, leading up to the Bavarian grandeur of Munich.

Savor the Pan-European Flavors and Atmosphere

Your Barcelona to Munich expedition promises exquisite stays in handpicked boutique accommodations, each echoing the spirit of its locale. Delight in a gastronomic odyssey that takes you from Catalonia’s Mediterranean flavors, across the high Alps’ hearty cuisines, to the robust tastes of Bavaria, all paired with Europe’s finest wines.

Weave Your Trans-European Narrative

Enhance your expedition with bespoke additions: envision a breathtaking aerial view of the Swiss valleys, intimate soirées with fellow motorbike aficionados, or a rejuvenating interlude in an ancient Italian villa surrounded by Alpine vistas.

Venture on a Five-Star Motorcycle Route from Barcelona to Munich

Day 1: Barcelona to Andorra - Mediterranean Beginnings (250km)

Commence your tour in the vibrant heart of Barcelona, soaking in its architectural wonders. Ride out, allowing the coastal breezes to guide you towards the mountainous embrace of Andorra.

From Andorra’s rugged beauty, plunge into the heart of the French Pyrenees, arriving at the breathtaking Gorges du Tarn, nature’s masterpiece carved by time.

Ride through the diverse landscapes of France, capturing the essence of its rustic villages and lush terrains, culminating in the alpine allure of Grenoble.

Transition from France’s alpine vistas to the Italian charm of Aosta, a town enriched with Roman history and surrounded by towering peaks.

Dive into Aosta’s rich past, from its Roman theatres to its medieval churches, or simply relax amidst the backdrop of the Italian Alps.

Navigate the scenic routes that lead to Lauterbrunnen, a valley of waterfalls and Swiss splendor nestled amidst towering cliffs and snow-capped peaks.

Ascend from the valley to reach St. Moritz, a luxurious resort town known for its world-class amenities and panoramic mountain views.

Descend into Italy again, witnessing the stark beauty of the Dolomites as you make your way to Bolzano, a cultural melting pot of Italian and German influences.

Explore the unique blend of Italian and Austrian heritages in Bolzano, from its bustling piazzas to its medieval castles.

Journey from Bolzano to Kaprun, riding through picturesque valleys and alongside pristine lakes, reaching this Austrian gem known for its glacier and alpine reservoirs.

Conclude your journey with a ride to Munich, a city where history, art, and modernity entwine beautifully, promising a fitting end to your alpine adventure.

Spend your day soaking in the Bavarian culture, be it the historic architectures, lively beer gardens, or the rich art collections, ensuring a memorable end to your tour.

Exceptional motorbikes primed for your High Alps adventure from Barcelona to Munich.







BMW R1250GS / Trophy 2023

An adventure bike with a distinct flair, designed for riders who crave performance and style in their journeys. The Trophy edition showcases special design elements and upgrades, ensuring it stands out even in the most challenging terrains.







BMW R1250GS / Triple Black 2023

Exuding sophistication, this version paints a bold statement with its sleek, all-black aesthetics. Beyond its captivating look, the Triple Black offers enhanced features that promise a ride as darkly thrilling as its appearance.







BMW S1000XR / Red 2023

A dynamic sport-tourer blending the prowess of a sport bike with the comfort of a tourer. Its aggressive stance is matched by its exhilarating acceleration and handling.







BMW F900XR / 2023

Offering a blend of sportiness and touring capabilities, it’s a middleweight marvel for the open road. Designed with ergonomics and aerodynamics in mind, it promises an unparalleled ride.







BMW F750GS / 2023

A nimble and reliable mid-range adventurer, bridging the gap between urban rides and off-road escapades. It’s the ideal companion for riders looking for versatility and efficiency.








A unique three-wheeler experience that marries stability with a bold, road-commanding presence. Its distinctive design turns heads, ensuring you stand out on every journey.

Discover more from your bike tour from Barcelona to Munich

Dive deeper into your motorcycle journey across the High Alps.

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