10 Tips You Should Know Before Your First Motorcycle Tour

10 Tips to know before your first motorcycle tour
Discover the 10 essential keys to ensure that all your motorcycle journeys are a genuine adventure. Here, you'll find advice on the type of motorcycle, how to plan the route, or which accessories should not be missing from your gear.

Preparing for your first motorcycle trip is undoubtedly one of the most exciting adventures you can experience in life. More and more people are choosing to travel by motorcycle, whether alone, with a partner, or with friends, to enjoy a different experience full of adrenaline and beautiful landscapes.

However, it is clear that when you consider taking your first motorcycle trip, it is logical that you have many doubts about issues such as equipment, the route, or the best motorcycle model to drive. That is why in this post we wanted to summarize the 10 key factors that every biker should know before starting their first big motorcycle tour. 

1. Choose the Bike: Choose Your Travel Companion 

The starting point for a first motorcycle trip will always be choosing the model that will become our travel companion. Although many people decide to travel with their own motorcycle regardless of the model, the truth is that if you plan a long trip, perhaps the best option is to rent a motorcycle.

Rent a BMW R1250GS Trophy

This way, in addition to not wearing out your own vehicle, you can make the route more comfortably or with a motorcycle better adapted to the type of terrain you are going to travel. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the motorcycle you have chosen, both for driving and for it to adapt to the type of route you have planned.

If you decide to make this trip with your own vehicle, make sure to take it to a previous check-up so that you can make sure that everything is working correctly (lights, tires, steering, etc.), as well as to check that the engine mechanics are ready to travel so many kilometers. 

2. Decide the Route You Will Follow and Study It 

The second piece of advice before starting your first motorcycle trip is to carefully study the route you are going to follow. Deciding the itinerary of your trip is not a simple task, but we are sure that it is a very exciting step. If you already have a preconceived idea in your head, try to organize it by putting it on a map and find out what other bikers who have done it before think.

Try to get information by going to blogs or specialized YouTube channels, consult travel guides, or simply ask locals or other motorcycle enthusiasts you meet along the way. Probably, this will be the most reliable source of information for your first trip.

Another option is to join one of our organized motorcycle tours, so that you do not have to make decisions about the route and you can focus solely on enjoying the trip. Really, for a first motorcycle trip this can be a very interesting, safe, and comfortable alternative for you. 

3. Prepare Your Riding Gear 

Preparing riding gear is one of the most indispensable points when considering your first motorcycle trip. In these vehicles, wearing specific clothing is essential to ensure your safety while riding. Always use riding pants and jackets, safety boots or shoes, and of course, a full-face helmet with a visor. We also recommend that you use a bandana or scarf if you have long hair, to prevent any strands from bothering you while driving.

Try to make sure all the clothes fit snugly but comfortably, not too loose but also allowing you to make all kinds of movements. At first, the equipment may seem a bit heavy, but it is a sensation that you will get used to and that will eventually give you greater safety and comfort when driving. 

10 tips motorcycle tour
10 tips motorcycle tour

4. Luggage and Panniers: Travel Light 

Today there are all kinds of panniers to organize your luggage in such a way that it adds the least possible weight to the motorcycle. Depending on the duration or climate of the trip, we recommend that you choose between fabric, metal, or leather panniers. In any case, make sure that they can be adapted and securely attached to the size and shape of your motorcycle.

As for luggage, try to bring as much clothing and accessories as possible. There are laundries in all cities, so you will not have a problem being able to wash and dry your clothes at any time, so you will not need many changes of clothes. Include some essential medicines and accompany your luggage with disposable items such as soap bags or toothpaste. 

BMW panniers

5. Stay Well Hydrated While Riding 

Staying hydrated during motorcycle trips is essential to ensure your safety while driving; it is important to drink constantly even if you are not thirsty. Therefore, we advise you to invest in a 2-liter hydration backpack, that is, a water bag that you can carry on your back and that includes a tube that will allow you to drink water without having to stop and without taking off your helmet. 

10 tips before your first motorcycle tour

6. Make Regular Stops 

Another very important factor to consider on your first motorcycle trip is to respect rest periods during driving and plan them very well. Approximately every two hours or every 150 kilometers it is convenient to take a break of at least 10 minutes to rest your eyes, drink some water, or plan what will be the next stop of the trip. Do not be in a hurry and, if you plan the route well, you can even make these stops in incredible places with panoramic views or in charming towns. 

7. Avoid Heavy Meals 

Digesting a heavy meal is never a good idea when riding a motorcycle, as it can cause drowsiness. The best thing in this case is to have breakfast or eat about two hours before starting to drive and take advantage of the rest stops to eat some fruit, an energy bar, or some nuts. 

8. Get Informed and Prepare for Each Climate 

One of the factors that most affects us when driving a motorcycle is the weather. Therefore, our recommendation is to download an application like Windy on your phone that can keep you informed about what the weather will be like at your destination or during driving.

Perhaps the worst weather you can encounter when you are on your first big motorcycle trip is rain. But do not worry, get a waterproof suit for yourself, buy a waterproof cover for your panniers and drive with a little more caution, so you will not have any problem. 

windy app

9. Get a Tool Kit and Spare Parts

In this case, it is best to go to a mechanic who can advise you on which spare parts may be useful for your motorcycle during the route. Depending on the duration of the trip and the type of roads you are going to travel, you will need more or less spare parts, but your mechanic can better advise you on what your specific motorcycle might need. Otherwise, with a compact toolkit for vehicles like this, it will be more than enough to make your trip with peace of mind. 

10. Do Not Be Afraid to Make Mistakes 

The last key piece of advice to enjoy your first motorcycle trip is not to be afraid to make mistakes, basically because we have all experienced this feeling when we do something for the first time. It is logical to feel frustrated in complicated situations such as a fall, a puncture, or a change in the route; however, in this case, the best thing is to think about the incredible adventure you have ahead and look for solutions that can help you get out of the situation quickly and easily.

Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and think that everyone has had to go through those fears and make mistakes when planning their first motorcycle trip. In any case, try to focus on enjoying the road and all the incredible places you are going to visit. Finally, when you look back, you will see that all those obstacles were nothing compared to the great adventure you have experienced.

Now that you know what you should know before starting your first big motorcycle trip, all that remains is to choose the date, plan the route and start this incredible adventure. We are sure that it will be an unforgettable experience. Are you ready to live it?

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