9 Motorcycle Tours In Europe You Must Know About 

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Europe is a continent full of surprises and spectacular landscapes. In this post, we unveil nine wonderful routes so that you too can travel through countries like Spain, Portugal, Germany, or Italy with your favorite motorcycle.

Within Europe, there are numerous motorcycle routes and tours that become ideal destinations to visit when planning a trip. Even though the options are virtually unlimited, we must admit that as experts in motorcycle tours in Europe, there are certain routes that stand out as especially special for any traveler.

Starting with the motorcycle tour through the Alpine Dolomites to the 12-day route from Venice to Barcelona or the amazing tour of southern Spain and Portugal, it’s clear that Europe has a lot to offer for motorcycle enthusiasts. In this post, we want to give you some ideas to inspire you to create your own motorcycle routes in Europe or simply join one of our wonderful organized tours. 

Tour of the Alpine Dolomites: pure nature 

This tour through the Alpine Dolomites is everything a biker needs to truly enjoy driving: narrow mountain curves, natural landscapes of unparalleled beauty, and various Italian and Austrian towns and cities that anyone would be delighted to visit. A dynamic route where imposing mountain passes like the Alpine Dolomites alternate with charming locations such as Bolzano or Innsbruck, ending in the historic and astonishing city of Venice.

Tour from Barcelona to Munich: the charm of central Europe 

The next motorcycle tour proposal in Europe is this amazing 12-day journey from Barcelona to Munich, where you can get to know some of the most iconic countries, cities, and natural landscapes of this continent. You will begin the tour in Spain, in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona, to start a journey through the heart of Europe, introducing you to some of the continent’s most spectacular mountains. Along the way, you’ll pass through countries such as Andorra, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria, concluding your trip in the incredible German city of Munich

Tour from Berlin to Munich via the Dolomites 

Returning once again to the wonderful destination of the Dolomites, located within the Eastern Alps range, we offer this amazing motorcycle tour that traverses the heart of Europe from north to south. You’ll start by exploring the always surprising and avant-garde city of Berlin before embarking on a week-long journey towards the Alps. Along the way, you can travel through countries like Czechia, Austria, Germany and Italy, where you will find numerous cultural, gastronomic, historical, and panoramic routes that will undoubtedly leave a lasting memory. 

Tour through Europe to the BMW Motorrad Extreme Days 

One dream of many bikers is to attend the iconic BMW Motorrad Extreme Days at some point, an annual event organized by BMW where brand enthusiasts can experience an unparalleled climax to their journey. You’ll explore cities and countries as impressive as Barcelona or Andorra, incredible natural landscapes like Grenoble in France or the mountainous region of Aosta in Italy, and discover a side of Europe that is sure to leave an impression. This journey will also allow you to visit the Lauterbrunnen valleys, the luxury of Saint Moritz, recent history in Nuremberg, and the always overwhelming city of Berlin. All of this culminates in attending the BMW Motorrad Extreme Days, where you can share and enjoy the true spirit of European motorcycling. 

Tour from Munich to Barcelona, from the Mediterranean to the Alps 

This motorcycle tour from Munich to Barcelona is everything a biker needs to delve deeply into the intricacies of the European continent. With this north to south route, you can enjoy the heart of Germany, the Alpine landscapes of Italy and Switzerland, and the French Provençal charm, ending by exploring the magnificent Mediterranean coast and the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. An impressive and captivating motorcycle route that showcases a diversity of majestic landscapes like no other. 

Tour of Northern Spain

Spain Northern offers one of the most exciting and surprising routes for motorcycling. In this tour, the stars are the gastronomy, nature, history, and a combination of sea and mountain that captivates everyone who visits. From Barcelona to Vigo, this coast-to-coast itinerary lets you explore beautiful locations in Catalonia, Aragon, the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, and Galicia. 

A motorcycle journey where you’ll enjoy the most emblematic places in this part of the country with stops in the heart of the Pyrenees, the gastronomic city of San Sebastián, the magnificent Playa de las Catedrales, and the historic city of Santiago de Compostela, among other destinations. 

Tour through the Pyrenees, from coast to coast 

This Coast to Coast tour through the Pyrenees offers a genuine journey across peaks and valleys where you can discover the natural charms of Spain and Andorra along this majestic mountain range. Tight curves, mountain passes, and of course, the incredible cultural and gastronomic offerings of cities like Barcelona or San Sebastián, are combined in this special motorcycle tour. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy for 6 days the local delights, pristine beaches, and the rich natural heritage of a natural border shared between two beautiful countries.

Tour of Southern Spain and Portugal 

A 12-day motorcycle journey along the southern coast of Spain and Portugal is everything any motorcycle enthusiast needs to enjoy sun-drenched holidays, beaches, and good weather. The journey begins in the Andalusian city of Málaga and introduces you to the Mozarabic charm of Granada, the mountains of Sierra Nevada, and the coast of Huelva. Moreover, you can also relish the Portuguese Algarve, the Andalusian essence of Seville, and the southernmost point of continental Europe in Tarifa.

Venice to Barcelona Tour 

The last motorcycle tour in Europe that we want to recommend in this post is the route from Venice to Barcelona. On this journey, you can uncover all the secrets between the famous Venetian canals and the Mediterranean coast of the Catalonian city. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy the Alpine mountain range, some of the most beautiful Swiss lakes, and the incredible Provençal landscapes of France. This 12-day route promises history, nature, and the sea as the main protagonists of a motorcycle journey in Europe like no other.

After exploring these 9 wonderful motorcycle tours in Europe, all that’s left is to encourage you to set a date for your next adventure. European countries and cities offer an excellent mix of culture and nature that can be greatly enjoyed when traveling by motorcycle. Leave your recommendations in the comments, and remember, you can also join one of our organized motorcycle tours to make the most of all these routes.

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