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If you want to explore the heart of Catalonia (Spain), this Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelonais all you need to discover the wonderful landscapes and winding roads near the Mediterranean

Catalonia emerges as an idyllic destination for motorcycle enthusiasts. A region in northeastern Spain that is a true treasure for those seeking thrilling experiences on winding roads and breathtaking mountain landscapes. With the new Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona, an exciting journey through the nature and impressive Catalan mountain landscapes awaits you, becoming the undeniable protagonists of your adventure.

In this post, we want to reveal all the secrets that this wonderful Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona has in store for you. From Catalonia’s natural charm to the meticulously planned itinerary designed to make the most of the area, specific stops, and exclusive services included with this tour at REVV Travel, today you will discover the perfect destination for your upcoming holidays. Get ready to enjoy a unique trip that promises to leave unforgettable memories.

Enjoy the Natural Charm of Catalonia on a BMW  

Catalonia is not just a region; it’s a complete experience for two-wheeled enthusiasts. It’s an area with charming villages, centuries-old monasteries, delicious local cuisine, and truly impressive landscapes, both on its Mediterranean coast and its more mountainous interior. For all these reasons, Catalonia undoubtedly becomes an ideal destination for motorcycle tourism.

Exploring Catalonia on a BMW offers a highly enriching experience through total immersion in its culture and nature. Choose your favorite BMW model to enjoy this experience on a rental motorcycle and delve into the rich history of this region, from the golden beaches of the Costa Brava to the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees or the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. Additionally, Spain as a whole (and Catalonia in particular) boasts a road network that extends beyond the excellent national highways and motorways, offering impressive local and regional roads in excellent condition that are a delight for curve lovers and motorcycle enthusiasts.


If you need to obtain an international driving license to live this experience, here we provide you with a link to process it online in just a few minutes.

Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona Itinerary  

This Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona will take you through the beautiful Catalan roads on an organized trip where you can discover the iconic Monastery of Montserrat and the splendor of the Montseny Natural Park. This tour has a duration of two days and one night, beginning and ending the adventure in the city of Barcelona, a meticulously planned itinerary designed to make the most of the region through its natural and cultural charm.

The entire journey is conducted in small groups to offer a more personalized experience that can adapt to all kinds of demands. During this tour, you will immerse yourself in some of the region’s most emblematic points, taking panoramic routes, tasting excellent local cuisine, and enjoying the natural beauty of Catalonia through its charming towns.

Day 1: From Barcelona to Cardona  

Barcelona > Sabadell > Matadepera > Terrassa > Montserrat > Solsona

The first day of this Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona will start in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and one of Spain’s most important and avant-garde cities. With your sights set on reaching the iconic Monastery of Montserrat, you will ride through towns like Sabadell, Matadepera, and Terrassa, and enjoy a well-deserved gourmet lunch at one of the area’s best restaurants, Masia Vinyanova.

After a direct foray into local gastronomy, you’ll continue your journey through rustic Catalonia with stops in small villages like Solsona, Sant Llorenç de Morunys, and Berga, which reveal the authentic Catalan spirit. You’ll end your first day at the iconic Parador de Cardona, where you can enjoy a well-deserved rest after a full day of riding.


Day 2: From Cardona to Barcelona  

Vic > Calldetenes > Viladrau > Santa Fe del Montseny > Barcelona

After spending a relaxed night at the Parador de Cardona and enjoying its wonderful breakfast, the second day of the tour will be dedicated to exploring in-depth the natural beauty of the Montseny region. This day’s route will allow you to discover charming towns like Vic, Calldetenes, and Viladrau, and enjoy a delicious and unique lunch at the exclusive Restaurant La Falda del Montseny in the town of Campins.

This Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona winds its final curves through the serenity and beauty of the Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve, approaching the Santa Fe del Montseny area. Once you’ve toured the park, you can once again enjoy wonderful motorcycle riding through the Catalan roads to head to the final point of this journey, Barcelona Airport.


What’s Included in the Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour?  

The Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona offers you a complete experience touring Catalonia over two days of self-guided riding in a small group. The services included in this two-day, one-night tour range from choosing from a wide selection of the best BMW motorcycle models for your trip to enjoying tickets to local museums to learn more about Catalan culture and history.

During the first day, this exclusive tour also includes lunch at Restaurant La Masia Vinya Nova, featuring local specialties such as calçotadas or mountain rice, and a one-night stay at the Parador de Cardona, a 4-star wellness and spa hotel with breakfast included. Additionally, on the following day, the tour also includes lunch at the exclusive Restaurant La Falda del Montseny, an iconic place to taste local and seasonal products, with traditional Catalan dishes such as stewed snails or grilled meats with oak charcoal.


The new Montserrat & Montseny Motorcycle Tour Barcelona promises to be an unforgettable experience for all those seeking motorcycle adventures through impressive landscapes. The spectacular road routes in Catalonia, combined with its rich culture and fabulous gastronomy, make this tour a unique opportunity to discover this interesting region in a completely new way. Additionally, we also take this opportunity to recommend another route through Catalonia: the Motorcycle Tour of the 365 Curves in Costa Brava. It’s the perfect time to plan your next motorcycle trip and discover hidden treasures for motorcycle tourism.

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