How Can I Go on a Motorcycle Trip Without Owning One?

Go on a Motorcycle Trip Without Owning One
Have you always dreamed of going on a motorcycle trip but don't own one yet? In this post, we'll explain the options you have to still enjoy this incredible motorcycle travel experience.

Traveling on a motorcycle is a dream to fulfill for many people; however, not everyone has the opportunity to own one of these vehicles. Sometimes, we go through periods where we cannot enjoy continuous riding on our motorcycle, leading us to part with them.

Moreover, many motorcycling enthusiasts, for various reasons, have not yet found the perfect motorcycle to buy or are simply waiting for a more modern model to be released. Regardless, what is clear is that two-wheeled enthusiasts are always looking for excuses to travel with a motorcycle, even if they don’t yet have their own in the garage.

Fortunately, nowadays, we have endless possibilities to continue enjoying motorcycle trips without necessarily being owners. For this reason, for all of you in this situation who want to know what alternatives exist to travel on two wheels, today we have prepared a post that summarizes the main options to consider, so that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying the road.

Renting a Motorcycle

One of the main alternatives to enjoy a motorcycle trip without being an owner is to turn to motorcycle rental. This is also an increasingly popular option, not only for those without their own motorcycle but also for those who want to enjoy a good motorcycle trip without compromising their own vehicle. Renting a motorcycle for a trip is an excellent decision since you won’t have to worry about anything other than driving and enjoying the landscapes and destinations you’ll be exploring.

If you opt for this option, we recommend checking the features offered by the rental, such as available motorcycle models, the reliability and prestige of the rental company, and the insurance coverage they offer to make your trip much more peaceful and comfortable. Also, take this opportunity to check out another post on our blog where we share the best tricks for choosing a good motorcycle rental company.

Once you have chosen the company to rent your motorcycle, consider the type of trip you will be making to correctly choose the type of motorcycle you will need, depending on whether you plan an adventurous trip on off-road roads or simply want a comfortable motorcycle for long stretches of highways. Either way, renting a motorcycle will allow you to take that two-wheeled trip you had always dreamed of without needing to own one.

rent a motorcycle

Joining an Organized Tour

Another commonly used alternative among motorcycle enthusiasts who do not own one is joining an organized tour. Joining one of these guided motorcycle tours is, in fact, an experience that everyone should live at least once in their life. Not having to worry about trip planning, being able to discover incredible places with specialized guides, and being able to ride some of the best and latest motorcycle models on the market are just some of the great advantages of going on a motorcycle trip through an organized tour.

This is undoubtedly one of the most complete experiences you can access, choosing the route you want or that best suits your free time, with a journey designed to enjoy two-wheeled driving that will reveal a new and exciting way to travel on a motorcycle. Forget about finding accommodations and places to eat or not having your own motorcycle to ride some of the most beautiful roads in the world, and be amazed by the countless options and alternatives that organized motorcycle tours have for you.

Moreover, these organized tours are also an excellent way to safely explore destinations where certain motorcycle experience is necessary if you were to do it alone, such as in this comprehensive tour that allows you to discover Morocco from north to south.

organized tour

Ride-Sharing: Traveling on a Shared Motorcycle

Just as, in recent years, the collaborative economy has brought car owners together to benefit from the advantages of sharing a four-wheeled vehicle, the same has happened with motorcycles. Although this may be a slightly riskier alternative, as it does not have the support of a formal company to hire the service, it can be an option for those on a tighter budget or simply want to try traveling on two wheels before buying their own motorcycle.

Either way, it is clear that this concept of sharing a motorcycle, also known as moto-sharing, is on the rise in our country. Although this is still an expanding sector, we have no doubt that, in a few years, it will also become a reference for motorcyclists who want to live adventures on a motorcycle without being owners.

check the motorcycle

Motorcycle Test Programs

Finally, the last alternative you can access to go on a motorcycle trip without being an owner is to join some motorcycle test programs that some manufacturers and dealerships make available to the public for efficiency or driving tests. In this case, some brands will allow you to test different motorcycle models in specific circumstances, to gather data about each vehicle. An opportunity that you can undoubtedly take advantage of to go on a motorcycle trip without having to buy one.

Although these types of programs usually have quite a few limitations, especially in terms of time and kilometers that can be traveled, they can be a good option for a first approach to this world of motorcycle travel. Moreover, they will allow you to save on your budget while still enjoying what truly matters: riding on two wheels on the road.

Motorbyke test programs

As you can see, traveling on a motorcycle is always an exciting and liberating experience that you can also enjoy even if you are not an owner. Choose the alternative that best fits your travel plans and budget, and worry only about enjoying driving and the roads with some of the best motorcycle models on the market and all the comforts for your next adventure.

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