Tips for Choosing a Reliable Motorcycle Rental Company in Barcelona

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If you're looking for a motorcycle rental company in Barcelona, this post explains the best recommendations for you to find a reliable service for your next motorcycle trip.

After many years in the motorcycle rental business in Barcelona, at REVV Ultimate Bike Tours, we have our own professional tricks for differentiating a reliable company from one that is not so much. From our experience, having a reliable motorcycle rental company is crucial to ensuring a safe and satisfying experience during your trip.

After all, in a city as large as Barcelona, it’s very easy to find hundreds of companies willing to rent us a motorcycle. However, the truth is that making this decision of which company to choose might be a process that takes us a little more time. Basically, our main recommendation is to research and compare as much information as possible, so you can choose a company that gives you confidence and can provide everything you need to make your next trip with all the peace of mind you deserve.

And, as we at REVV Ultimate Bike Tour are very clear about what a motorcycle rental company in Barcelona should and should not be, here are our best tips to help you make the perfect decision.

Take Time to Research and Understand the Market in Barcelona

As we mentioned, finding a reliable motorcycle rental company in Barcelona might be a bit complex due to the large number of companies offering this service in the city. Just by doing a Google search, you will see that more than 20 companies, just in the central area of Barcelona.

For this reason, it is essential that you do some prior research before making any decision. Try to investigate motorcycle rental companies in Barcelona through Google, travel and motorcycle forums, and their own websites or social media profiles. All this research will help you gather different data about prices, rental conditions, or the places where motorcycles are picked up and returned, so you can decide which company best suits your needs among all the options available in the city.

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Check the Insurance Policies Offered

Another essential point to determine if a motorcycle rental company in Barcelona is reliable is to ask about the insurance policies they offer their clients. In general, any reputable company should offer you comprehensive insurance that covers damage to third parties and possible damage to the motorcycle. However, the better the insurance they offer you, the more commitment there will be from the company towards its own motorcycles.

In fact, many motorcycle rental companies directly offer all-risk insurance, providing you with the safest way to travel, both for you and the motorcycle. In this sense, when you go to rent a motorcycle, make sure to read and understand the terms, conditions, and coverage of the policy, as well as whether it has any extra cost. Likewise, if you do not feel fully protected with the insurance offered by your rental company, it is best to consider taking out additional insurance with broader coverage for your peace of mind.

Motorcycle Insurance

Inspect the Condition of the Motorcycles Before Renting

It is true that all companies, especially those with many different types of motorcycles for rent, use their best photos for the web, social networks, or their Google Maps listing. For this reason, our recommendation is that you go to check the actual condition of the motorcycles in person before deciding to rent.

Visit the headquarters of several companies and check the real condition of the motorcycles they rent. Similarly, if you have already decided on a motorcycle rental company in Barcelona and are going to collect your vehicle, make sure to thoroughly inspect its condition before taking it on the road.

Check the tires, brakes, lights, mirrors, and any other aspect that is part of the motorcycle itself. Make sure these elements are in good condition and also that the company provides you with a good full-face helmet for driving. In some cases, certain companies may give you the motorcycle you just rented already turned on; if this happens, turn it off and start it again to check for yourself that it starts correctly or that it does not have electrical problems that could affect you on the road.

Full-face Helmet

Avoid Hook Prices and Tempting Offers

Although we all like to find good prices when we want to rent a motorcycle, the truth is that, in this case, you should not be swayed by hook prices and tempting offers. In a city as large as Barcelona, the competition is fierce among rental companies, resulting in some companies using somewhat deceptive prices or offers to catch your attention with an alarmingly low price.

However, the use of such tempting offers or low prices should be an alert that makes you distrust, as you could be putting your own safety at risk. We are clear on this, when renting a motorcycle in Barcelona, it is much more advisable to trust companies that do not throw their prices and that focus on offering their customers rates according to the services, care, and dedication required for something as important as safety and protection on the road.

Avoid Hook Prices

Read Reviews and Recommendations from Other Users

Today, reading and contrasting the opinions of other customers who have used a service before you is a fundamental part for choosing a reliable motorcycle rental company in Barcelona. Consult reviews on Google or Tripadvisor, look for recommendations online, or read the blogs of other motorcyclists who have already faced this decision to get a realistic view of what each company offers.

This is the most reliable way to know if a motorcycle rental company really is what it says it is. Past experiences of other customers can provide you with very valuable information, so you should spend some time studying them so you can decide for yourself which company has better ratings from those who have already used their services.

Tripadvisor Reviews REVV

Test the Customer Service

If you really want to know how reliable a motorcycle rental company in Barcelona is, do not hesitate to test their customer service before contracting any rental. Ask all the additional questions you need and take into account how long they take to answer or how dedicated their responses are.

In addition to learning more about how the company behaves with its customers, this will also help you gather extra information that is essential for when you rent the motorcycle: find out about procedures in case of breakdown or accident, ask what the motorcycle return policy is, or check if there is any type of restriction on how far you can drive, if you can cross borders, or how many kilometers you can cover.

We also recommend that you ask questions about the rental rates and policies, deposit requirements, cancellation conditions, and additional charges that may apply if you return the motorcycle late or with damage. Keep in mind that the customer service experience of the company’s staff will be essential to feel safe and protected during your rental, as well as to check if the company is truly willing to give you the best advice and assistance while traveling.

Customer Service

And that’s all our advice for you to choose a reliable motorcycle rental company in Barcelona. Follow all these recommendations and we are sure that you will be able to fully enjoy a safe and exciting trip exploring the city and its surroundings in the freest way that exists: on two wheels.

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