The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycling Tourism in Europe: What You Need to Know Before Setting Off

Motorcycle Tour Through Europe: What You Need To Know
Embarking on a motorcycle journey across Europe is all anyone might need for a unique, enjoyable, and adventurous vacation. In this post, we'll share everything you need to know to ensure your next motorcycle trip across Europe becomes an incredible experience.

Europe is an absolute gem for those looking to journey on two wheels: quality roads, mesmerizing landscapes, and a diverse mix of cuisines and cultures that elevate your trip at every twist and turn. With iconic rides like the Dolomite Tour and the Southern Spain Spin, who wouldn’t want to spend a portion of their life cruising these magnificent natural spots?

Touring these European gems is a dream for many, and that’s why we’re spilling all the beans here, giving you every detail to consider before plotting your next motorcycle voyage across Europe.

Gauge Your Riding Proficiency 

While Europe boasts top-tier roads throughout, it’s key to pinpoint your riding skill set to tailor your route accordingly. Although there are plenty of highways and expressways to make your ride smooth, some trails can be trickier, especially through mountain passes.

So, delve into a few road maps, pick out your must-visit spots keeping this in mind. That way, you’re in for a secure ride, suited to your riding skills, and catered to the exact adventure you have in mind. Consider our guided motorcycle tours to streamline this process and soak up the thrill to the fullest.

Pick the Perfect Ride for Your Tour

Next on the list? Deciding on the type of bike for your European escapade. While using your own bike might seem straightforward, contemplate renting one that’s best suited for your intended route. Depending on whether you’ll be cruising on secondary roads, highways, or mountain regions, pick a model ensuring a safe and snug journey.

Rent a BMW S1000XR 2023
The BMW S1000XR 2023 is one of the perfect picks to travel on a motorcycle around Europe.

Gather Insights from Fellow Travelers 

To nail down your European motorcycle journey, gather insights from fellow riders. Dive into books like Colette Coleman’s “Great Motorcycle Tours of Europe” or Rick Steves’ classic “Europe Through the Back Door: The Travel Skills Handbook.”

You can also glean oodles of information from YouTube channels on European motorcycle travel, dedicated blogs, websites, and even podcasts. Here, you’ll unearth travel inspiration, tips from bike enthusiasts, and a treasure trove of info, including accommodations, eateries, activities, and points of interest.

Transportation, Docs, and Packing Tips 

Planning a motorbike tour across Europe? Either fly in and kick off your tour from an airport or start directly with your motorcycle. If you’re flying in, it’s wise to allow a few buffer days to account for potential flight delays or cancellations.

For your luggage, pack valuables like your helmet and riding gear in your carry-on, as these can be tough and pricey to replace on arrival.

Documentation-wise, Europeans need an ID card, while those from outside Europe need a current passport. If you’re going solo, gather all bike documents and an international insurance policy. Want in-depth insights on each destination? Browse the Foreign Affairs Ministry website for travel tips and required documentation for you and your bike.

Weather Insights and Riding Gear 

Weather knowledge is a must for any motorcycle jaunt. Websites or apps like Windy can provide daily updates and send notifications on weather alerts.

Another great app to check the weather – AccuWeather.

Europe’s weather can be fickle—sizzling in the south, snowy in the mountains, and drizzly throughout. So, pack accordingly: multiple glove pairs, waterproofs, and quick-drying synthetic fabrics.

Gear Ready for an Epic Journey 

Riding through Europe is jaw-droppingly beautiful, safe, and oodles of fun. Every country offers heart-stopping scenery, delightful food, and the friendliest locals. Plus, there’s a plethora of accommodation options to match every budget.

So, just focus on savoring the journey. You’ll undoubtedly meet respectful and bike-loving European riders along the way. A once-in-a-lifetime experience that many bikers have indulged in and one you’d want to relive annually.

Questions on plotting your European motorcycle route or keen to learn more about our organized bike trips? Drop a comment, and we’ll be thrilled to guide you through the process.

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