Should I Join An Organized Tour Or Travel By Motorcycle On My Own?

Organized tour
"Traveling alone or joining a motorcycle tour?" is the question that many motorcycle travelers ask themselves when they want to enjoy riding on two wheels around the world. We explain what you should consider to make your decision.

Traveling by motorcycle is an exciting and thrilling experience. The sense of freedom you get from traveling on winding roads, immersing yourself in nature, or exploring new places while riding is incomparable.

However, many motorcycle tourism enthusiasts have the same doubt before embarking on one of these exciting motorcycle trips: is it better to travel on your own or join an organized tour? Clearly, both options have their advantages, and for that reason, in this article we want to offer you all the aspects you should consider before making such an important decision.

Furthermore, we believe that both traveling alone and in an organized tour are incredible adventures that every true motorcycle lover should experience. After all, knowing which alternative is more interesting may depend on many other factors, such as personal preferences, the time you will make the trip, or the budget.

Traveling by Motorcycle on My Own 

Traveling by motorcycle on your own is one of the most commonly used choices among motorcycle enthusiasts. In fact, it even seems like a necessary experience for self-discovery and to test our own driving skills or route planning. Perhaps especially when you are starting in the world of motorcycle tourism and want to try your luck, or when you have a more limited budget.

If you want to plan your next motorcycle trip on your own, keep in mind that one of the best ways to be well-equipped is to have a good motorcycle. In this case, the most common thing among motorcycle travelers is to rent a motorcycle, to avoid wear and tear on your vehicle and to enjoy comfortable, safe driving with the latest technology incorporated.

Freedom and Flexibility without Restrictions 

Freedom and flexibility that a motorcycle trip on your own can provide may be useful when planning the route, deciding at what speed you want to travel, or even when and where you want to take breaks during driving. You will be the director, you will have no restrictions on schedules or itineraries, and you will not have to adapt to other travelers, allowing you to explore destinations at your own pace.

Greater Savings and Lower Budget 

One aspect that cannot be denied when you decide to take a motorcycle trip on your own is that it is more economical than joining an organized tour. Considering that you will be the one deciding in which accommodations you stay, where to stop to eat, or what activities fit your budget, it is true that you can control your budget more easily.

However, this also entails greater responsibility, both on the route and in the stops, since you will have to be well informed beforehand about which destinations are safer or more interesting to take breaks.

lower budget

Responsibility and Safety 

Although we know perfectly well that independence when taking a motorcycle trip is a great advantage, it is also true that it obliges us to be better prepared and to acquire certain knowledge that will be key to maintaining safety on the route. In this way, traveling alone you must be prepared to face unexpected situations, such as mechanical problems or changes in the weather.

In this sense, before going on a solo motorcycle trip, it is super important to have basic knowledge about certain essential issues of your motorcycle’s mechanics, as well as always carrying a compact tool kit that you can use at any time.

compact kit tools

Planning Tailored to You 

Planning a motorcycle trip on your own can be one of the most exciting aspects of the route, since you will have the opportunity to make decisions and visualize yourself at all the points of the route that you have chosen. Thus, although this part of the trip takes a lot of time and effort, the truth is that it can ultimately be a rewarding experience, especially if you enjoy planning and organizing. To help you at this point, we recommend that you use an application like Calimoto.

Calimoto: la app para organizar tus viajes en moto

Traveling by Motorcycle with an Organized Tour 

The other side of the coin for motorcycle trips are organized tours, an option that offers many advantages, especially in terms of comfort and road safety. In addition, being able to experience professional routes and have guides at your disposal constantly is one of the most positive points and that make the motorcycle trip become an unforgettable adventure.

On the other hand, there are more and more and better organized tours, not only in Spain or Europe, but also in more distant places such as America or Africa, where the company will undoubtedly considerably improve the experience.

Greater Comfort and Safety at Your Reach 

The main advantage of joining an organized tour is that you can relax and focus solely on enjoying. These types of tours provide you with the comfort and safety that anyone may need to simply have a good time without any worries.

You will have a planned itinerary, an experienced guide, a support vehicle, and ultimately, all the resources you could need quickly and easily in case any problem arises. In addition, this can be especially beneficial if you are not familiar with the area you are visiting or if you prefer that others take care of such a complex task as logistics.

A Route through the Best Places in the World 

One of the most notable advantages of joining an organized tour is that you can visit places and drive on roads that, on many occasions, would not be accessible to motorcycle travelers. By going with a professional guide, with extensive experience in these types of trips and who has already done the route on other occasions, you will be able to enjoy lesser-known places by tourists, roads that go off the beaten path, or totally unexplored charming towns.

best secret places

Meet Other Motorcycle Enthusiasts 

Traveling with a group on an organized tour gives you the opportunity to meet other motorcyclists with whom you surely share much more than a passion for motorcycles. The social connection that is created in these organized groups is a very important part of the experience, where you can make new friends or meet interesting people with whom, otherwise, you would not have coincided. Sharing stories, advice, experiences, and the excitement of the road will undoubtedly be a very enriching point for your trip.

Forget About Worries and Stress 

When any of us decides to invest our free time in an organized motorcycle tour, it is probably because what matters most to us is to rest and enjoy driving. In this sense, joining an organized tour can become a great decision, since you will not have to worry about anything other than enjoying the motorcycle and the route.

Everything on the trip will be ready and prepared to solve any problems that arise or, simply, so that you don’t have to worry about thinking about which hotel you will stay in or finding the best restaurant for your next meal.

enjoy the tour

In conclusion, both options of traveling by motorcycle are valid and can be a great adventure. It depends on your tastes, your experience, and your needs at the time of making the trip. Take into account all the aspects that we have shared with you in this article to make the best decision and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.

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