The 3 Best Motorcycle Tours in Spain

3 Best Motorcycle Tours in Spain
We present you the best options in Spain to organize your next motorcycle vacation: a tour through the north of the country, exploring the region of Catalonia and its history in depth, and a journey through the south of Spain and Portugal.

If you are a lover of adventures on two wheels and are looking for the ultimate motorcycle experience, Spain is without a doubt the perfect destination for you. With an impressive diversity of landscapes, a rich history, delicious cuisine, and a vibrant culture, this country offers a wide range of motorcycle tours that will take you to explore its most fascinating corners.

From the mountains of the north to the coasts of the south and the historical roads of Catalonia, in Spain there is always something for every type of motorcyclist. At REVV Travel, we have been organizing tours in this country for several years that leave none of our clients indifferent. That’s why today we present you a selection of what we believe are the three best motorcycle tours in Spain, each with its own unique and exciting charm that will allow you to discover unique corners on your next trip.

Northern Spain Tour

If empty beaches, pleasant weather, and good food are three fundamental elements for your motorcycle trips, we are sure that on this Tour through the Northern Spain Tour you will find the best way to spend your next vacation. In this tour, you will embark on an exciting expedition that will take you to discover some of the most impressive landscapes in the northern part of the country, from Barcelona, the vibrant Catalan capital, to the breathtaking views of the Pyrenees and the culinary richness of Galicia and the Basque Country.

Itinerary of the Northern Spain Tour

The Tour through the Northern Spain Tour is ideal for spending authentic vacations on two wheels. This 12-day route will allow you to cover the more than 1600 kilometers that separate Barcelona from Vigo through the characteristic mountains and coasts of the northern peninsula.

Motorcycle Tours in Spain  Pyrenees
  • Day 1: from Barcelona to Puigcerdà. A unique opportunity to get to know the city of Barcelona, its Gothic quarter, and its most interesting points, such as the Sagrada Familia or the Parc Güell, ending the day in the town of Puigcerdà after having traveled the beautiful Catalan roads.
  • Day 2: from Puigcerdà to Sort. You will start the day departing from Puigcerdà and embarking on a set of roads that will guide you through picturesque valleys and charming rural villages, ending in Sort, the capital of adventure sports.
  • Day 3: from Sort to Bielsa. This will be a day to enjoy motorcycle riding, where you can fully immerse yourself in the heart of the Pyrenees, touring its winding roads to then spend the night among the mountains in the town of Bielsa.
  • Day 4: Bielsa. This charming town in the Catalan interior has everything you need for a relaxed day exploring the impressive Pyrenean nature surrounding Bielsa with some of its hiking routes.
  • Day 5: from Bielsa to Riglos. On this day, you will encounter the astonishing cliffs of Riglos, which form one of the most impressive landscapes of the entire route. The geological wonders of Aragon will welcome you to spend the night in the town of Riglos itself.
  • Day 6: from Riglos to San Sebastián. After a few days among the mountains, on the sixth day of the trip, you will arrive at one of the great cities of the tour: San Sebastián, one of the jewels of the Basque Country. You will be welcomed by its famous La Concha beach and its countless bars, where you can taste traditional Basque pintxos.
Motorcycle Tours in Spain San Sebastian
  • Day 7: from San Sebastian to Santander. On this day of riding, you will change regions again to fully discover the coastal beauty of Cantabria. Its charming sea views and historical appeal make this a must-stop.
  • Day 8: Santander. This will be the day to thoroughly explore the city of Santander and get lost in its gastronomic richness, full of locally caught fish and seafood from the bay. A city that offers excellent leisure and cultural alternatives for all tastes.
  • Day 9: from Santander to Gijón. Leaving behind the city of Santander, you will cross the road again to reach your next destination: Asturias. The city of Gijón will welcome you with open arms to enjoy a walk on the beach and an exceptional culinary offer.
  • Day 10: from Gijón to Foz. Your arrival in Galicia will be spectacular: directly to the famous Playa de las Catedrales. An exceptionally preserved natural wonder that will allow you to discover these cliffs that drop directly onto the beach bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Day 11: from Foz to Santiago de Compostela. After spending a few days on the coast, on this day, you will move to the interior of Galicia through its capital, Santiago de Compostela. Here you can visit its old town and the main attraction of the city, the Cathedral of Santiago.
  • Day 12: from Santiago de Compostela to Vigo. You will end your journey by driving the last kilometers separating Santiago from Vigo, one of the Atlantic jewels of Galicia. A city with delicious cuisine and a landscape framed by the incredible view of the estuary and the Cíes Islands.

Southern Spain Tour

The best weather, Andalusian culture, and the charms of the southern coast of Portugal await you on this Southern Spain Tour where you will have to be prepared to enjoy an exciting odyssey on a motorcycle. You will discover everything that the heart of southern Spain has to offer along with a touch of Portugal through routes full of adrenaline, panoramic horizons, and a deep immersion in Iberian culture.

Itinerary of the Southern Spain Tour

This Southern Spain Tour will take you to travel more than 1600 kilometers on a 12-day journey from Málaga to Tarifa passing through Granada, Seville, and the Portuguese Algarve. You will be able to explore the rich Arab history of Spain and its impressive architectural feats such as the Alhambra, combining it with stops in charming coastal towns and with a delicious culinary offer that will not leave you indifferent.

Motorcycle Tours in Spain Ronda
  • Day 1: from Málaga to Granada. The sun and the beach of Málaga will welcome you to this incredible tour so that you can travel with your motorcycle to the beautiful city of Granada, full of Arab influences in the architecture and design of every corner.
  • Day 2: from Granada to Ronda. You will say goodbye to the city of Granada to return to the province of Málaga, this time visiting Ronda, one of the most spectacular towns in all of Andalusia, nestled on a deep cliff that falls to the Tajo River.
  • Day 3: from Ronda to Punta Umbría. On this day, you will travel the 240 kilometers that separate Ronda from Punta Umbría, the perfect destination for motorcycle travelers who enjoy relaxing in the golden beaches of this town in Huelva.
  • Day 4: from Punta Umbría to Albufeira. On your fourth day of motorcycle riding, you will enter Portuguese territory to discover the beautiful town of Albufeira, which will welcome you to the Algarve region.
  • Day 5: Albufeira. You will spend this day in Albufeira to admire all the natural charms of southern Portugal, with its golden sandy beaches and its streets full of history and traditional places to taste the rich Portuguese cuisine.
  • Day 6: from Albufeira to Cascais. This day you will dedicate it to travel the almost 300 kilometers that separate Albufeira from Cascais through the wonderful roads of Portugal. Upon arrival, you can enjoy the beach and the culture of the country in a charming town.
Motorcycle Tours in Spain Algarve
  • Day 7: from Cascais to Évora. Without a doubt, the city of Évora is one of the jewels of this tour. Discover its immense historical legacy through its streets, declared World Heritage Sites, and change the beach days for routes to explore it on foot.
  • Day 8: from Évora to Seville. On your eighth day of the tour, you will leave Évora heading to Seville, crossing again the border between southern Spain and Portugal. In Seville, you will find the flamenco charm that permeates every corner and a multitude of cultural activities for all tastes.
  • Day 9: Seville. The city of Seville is one of those stops where you will want to make the most of your time. Dedicate this day to discover its architecture with the Giralda, the Cathedral, or the impressive Plaza de España, and do not forget to taste its gastronomic delights at night.
  • Day 10: from Seville to Tarifa. From the heat and the bustling Andalusian capital, you will arrive at the coastal town of Tarifa by motorcycle, covering the 200 kilometers that separate both cities. You will arrive at a town from which you can admire the unique union between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Day 11: from Tarifa to Málaga. For the penultimate day of the route, you will return to the vibrant city of Málaga, where you can continue enjoying its beach and the delicious Andalusian culinary culture.
  • Day 12: Málaga. Finally, on the last day of the tour, you can dedicate yourself to visiting the main museums of the city or simply relaxing with a swim in the Mediterranean to bid farewell to the impressive Andalusian coast.

Tour through the paths of exile in Catalonia

To finish with our recommendations on the best 3 motorcycle tours in Spain, we could not leave out this short but amazing The Catalan Exile Motorcycle Tour, with which you can enjoy an authentic journey through the history of the country. A unique and exciting experience that will take you to discover the stunning landscapes of Catalonia, exploring its rich history and scenic beauty.

Itinerary of the Tour through the paths of exile in Catalonia

From Barcelona to the French border and lasts three-day, The Catalan Exile Motorcycle Tour is all you need to enjoy a weekend motorcycle trip. With it, you will tour some of the most charming and historically significant towns in the entire autonomous community, through more than 400 kilometers through places as emblematic as Rupit, Olot, Besalú, Figueres, La Vajol, or Portbou, among others.

Exilie Tour Spain
  • Day 1: from Barcelona to Figueres. Start your adventure in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, from where you will embark on a tour of the main towns in the region, such as Sabadell, Caldes de Montbui, or Vic, and stopping to eat in the charming town of Rupit. You will end the day touring the picturesque landscapes that separate you from Figueres, passing through the towns of Olot and Besalú.
  • Day 2: from Figueres to Portbou. The second day of this tour is a day of pure route, in which the motorcycle will become your faithful companion to discover together the so-called Route of Exile to the border with France. You will visit historical places such as La Vajol and Portbou and then approach the Mediterranean coast visiting towns such as Collioure, Cadaqués, and Roses, and end the day back in Figueres.
  • Day 3: from Figueres to Barcelona. The last day of this Tour of Exile in Catalonia will take you to the Sanctuary of the Angels, a temple located in one of the highest points of the Gavarres massif that will offer you an incomparable panoramic view. You can stop to eat in the charming town of Hostalric to conclude your return trip to Barcelona.

At REVV Travel, we organize these three and many other incredible motorcycle tours in Spain, and this selection seems to us to be among the most impressive. Therefore, Spain is an ideal country to explore by motorcycle, with landscapes that change greatly between the north and the south, but always manage to surprise travelers. Embark on one of these unforgettable adventures and discover the true beauty of Spain on two wheels.

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