The 5 Best Websites to Rent Motorcycles in Barcelona

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Do you want to know which websites are the most reliable for renting a motorcycle in Barcelona? In this post, we talk about five companies you can trust to rent a good motorcycle with maximum safety and comfort for your next trip.

Barcelona is a vibrant city, full of life and contrasts, where it is really easy to get lost in its intricate streets and its nearby rustic roads, making it an ideal destination for motorcyclists and lovers of riding on two wheels. In fact, in recent years, the Catalan capital has experienced a more than considerable increase in motorcycle tourism, which has also led to growth in the number of companies offering associated services, such as rent motorcycles in Barcelona.

This northeastern Spanish city has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers looking for a different experience for their holidays or weekend getaways, becoming the ideal place to explore on a motorcycle. In addition to its narrow streets, its architectural charm, and its stunning landscapes, it is clear that touring Barcelona on two wheels is a unique experience that no motorcycle-loving traveler should miss. However, many tourists visiting the city and wanting to explore its points of interest by motorcycle wonder where they can find the best motorcycle rental company in the city.

For this reason, in this article, we wanted to analyze the five best websites for renting motorcycles in Barcelona, detailing the strengths of each of them and offering different alternatives according to each budget and type of trip. After all, what better way to enjoy the mild climate and good roads surrounding this city than to make a trip with the comfort and safety of being supported by a good company that allows you to rent a customized motorcycle without worries?

Why choose Barcelona as the perfect destination to rent a motorcycle?

Barcelona is a perfect destination to be discovered on a motorcycle since, in addition to being able to explore the city agilely and comfortably, it will also allow us to enjoy its surroundings, full of white sand beaches and impressive mountain landscapes.

From the wonderful coastline of the Costa Brava, full of winding roads ideal for carving curves, to the mountains of Montserrat or the more rural parts of the province, absolutely the entire region lends itself perfectly to be toured with a rental motorcycle like this BMW R 1300 GS. In addition, what can be said about discovering part of the Pyrenees on a motorcycle: an unforgettable, adventurous experience that will allow you to discover the authentic natural essence of northern Spain.

Discover Barcelona renting a motorcycle

In addition, the city of Barcelona itself is also an especially interesting destination to explore with a rental motorcycle. After all, it is one of the most populous cities in the country, so being able to tour it on a motorcycle makes it much easier to get from one place to another without having to worry about traffic jams or hold-ups. Thus, you can reach and enjoy attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, or the Gothic Quarter in just a few minutes without having to worry about complicated parking issues.

1. REVV Travel

REVV Travel stands out as the top option for renting motorcycles in Barcelona for several reasons. The first of these, beyond the incredible selection of BMW motorcycles we offer, is the human team that makes up this company. In addition to working only with specialized professionals with many years of experience in the sector, we have exceptional customer service, which strives to offer personalized attention that guarantees a hassle-free experience for our clients.

In addition to this, at REVV Travel, you can find a fleet of high-end and powerful BMW motorcycles, with the latest models on the market, which will give you the security of hiring a safe, reliable, and quality service, backed by one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Also, we have a wide range of types of motorcycles that can adapt to any requirement.

BMW R 1300 GS

So whether you are looking for a motorcycle to enjoy off-road trails, a more sporty model, or simply want a lightweight motorcycle that allows you to enjoy the incredible winding roads of the province of Barcelona, ​​at REVV Travel, you will find the perfect motorcycle for every type of trip. Whether it’s exploring the city, taking a weekend getaway, or taking a long trip along the coast, we have the ideal motorcycle for every occasion.

The best rates and policies for your rental motorcycle

On the other hand, at REVV Travel, we offer competitive and transparent rates, with no hidden charges, fine print, or unpleasant surprises at the end of the rental process. We are clear with our clients and will always offer you a quick, safe, and simple contracting process, with the possibility of reserving your preferred motorcycle online with just a few clicks.

Finally, the last strong point of our motorcycle rental service in Barcelona is our investment in safety. At REVV Travel, we stand out for offering comprehensive insurance policies that cover all aspects of the rental to ensure the peace of mind and protection of our clients at all times.

Rent a motorcycle in Barcelona - REVV Travel

2. is another popular alternative for renting motorcycles in Barcelona. With a wide selection of motorcycles from different brands and models, this website offers options for all tastes and budgets. However, although the variety of types of motorcycles may be its strongest point, the truth is that the quality of service and customer attention may not be as high and personalized.

Regarding its prices, at, you can find a great diversity of rates, thanks to its extensive catalog of available motorcycles. However, keep in mind that there may also be additional charges and costs that can increase the final price of renting your motorcycle in Barcelona.

Regarding safety, offers basic insurance policies that may not cover all aspects that would affect your rental. To have this clear, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions before booking and consider taking out some extra full-risk insurance policy that allows you to travel completely safely during your trip.

Rentalmotorbyke Barcelona

3. is a quite recognized option in the motorcycle rental sector in Barcelona, ​​especially for those looking for American-style motorcycles. This website specializes in renting classic motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson, with a wide selection of cruiser and chopper motorcycles. If you are looking for a different riding experience, at Eaglerider, you can find those high-handlebar motorcycles and comfortable riding you’ve always dreamed of.

Although Eaglerider tends to offer slightly more expensive rates than its competition, the truth is that it offers a great selection of very special and high-quality motorcycles with which anyone can fully enjoy a destination like Barcelona on two wheels. Also, this website also offers comprehensive insurance policies that cover all aspects of the rental, guaranteeing the peace of mind and protection of its clients at all times.

Eaglerider Barcelona

4. is a relatively new alternative in the motorcycle rental market in Barcelona but has quickly gained popularity thanks to its wide selection of motorcycles and good customer service. With a fleet of well-maintained new motorcycles and a friendly and professional human team, this website provides a reliable alternative in motorcycle rental in Barcelona.

In addition, Riderly offers competitive rates for all budgets, allows you to book the motorcycle you want online quickly and easily, and offers insurance policies that will allow you to travel safely and comfortably, knowing that all aspects surrounding your safety as a motorcycle traveler are completely controlled and insured.

Riderly Barcelona


Finally, the last outstanding website for motorcycle rental in Barcelona is This company offers a wide selection of motorcycles from different brands so you can choose which one you want to spend your next vacation with. 

It has quite competitive rates and decent customer service, positioning itself in recent years as an ideal alternative for those who want to rent anything from a scooter to a Vespa or a high-displacement motorcycle. It is a company that has an international presence, renting motorcycles in different countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, or Morocco, so it has great experience in the sector that translates into a good experience for its clients.


In summary, renting a motorcycle in Barcelona is an excellent way to explore the city and its surroundings, with a reliable and practical vehicle. Thanks to the wide selection of websites and motorcycle rental companies that exist in the city, among which REVV Travel stands out, anyone can find an alternative to plan a trip that suits their needs and budget. Likewise, we take this opportunity to recommend that you take a look at our post on how to choose a reliable motorcycle rental company in Barcelona, ​​where you can discover more tips and tricks to make the right decision.

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