What Documentation Do I Need to Rent a Motorcycle?

Documentation to Rent a Motorcycle
In this post, we'll inform you about the documentation you'll need to have prepared before renting a motorcycle so you can be ready to enjoy this incredible experience to the fullest.

Renting a motorcycle for a journey, enjoying a vacation, or simply relishing a day of riding on two wheels is one of the most fun and exciting decisions any motorcycle enthusiast can make. Trying out new models fresh to the market or venturing onto off-road routes are just a couple of reasons that may lead us to choose this alternative in many moments of our lives.

At REVV Travel, we fully understand the immense thrill of experiencing motorcycle rental. In this post, we want to share everything you need to know regarding the documentation required to carry out this process. From the necessary driver’s license to whether it’s advisable to take out an extra insurance policy, we will detail the essential documents you must have ready to enjoy a rental that is both calm and reliable.

Driver’s License

The most fundamental document you’ll need to rent a motorcycle from any company is your driver’s license. It is crucial to ensure that it is valid enough to cover the rental period and that it has the appropriate permissions for the type of motorcycle you plan to rent. We recommend reading this other post where we explain what motorcycle licenses exist in Spain and which motorcycle models each of them allows.

Another aspect to consider regarding your driver’s license is that, for high-displacement motorcycles, it’s common to require a minimum age and a license validity exceeding a certain number of years. For example, to rent a motorcycle at REVV Ultimate Bike Tours, which exclusively deals with high-displacement and powerful motorcycles, you need to hold a type A driver’s license with a validity of over 2 years and a minimum age of 23.

Driver License A

Lastly, it’s also common to require an international driving license when the person renting the motorcycle is a foreigner. This is a straightforward process, obtainable online on this website, and you can have the international license in less than 20 minutes.

Identification Document or Passport

Another document you’ll be asked for when renting a motorcycle is a valid identification document or passport. Alongside the driver’s license, the ID or passport is another essential element for carrying out the rental. These documents serve to verify your identity and to complete the rest of the contractual and insurance-related procedures, so ensure they are valid and always carry them with you when picking up the motorcycle.

Credit Card

Despite changes in recent years, most motorcycle rental companies will require a valid credit card as a deposit or guarantee. Generally, credit cards are used to secure and cover potential additional charges, for example, in case of damages during the rental or if the motorcycle is excessively soiled.

The change in recent years involves more companies allowing users to deposit the rental guarantee through a debit card, retaining these amounts as a hold on the associated bank account. Regardless of whether you’re depositing the rental guarantee with a credit card or a debit card, make sure you have sufficient funds in the linked bank account to cover this expense.

Credit Card

Driving Insurance

One of the aspects that should concern you most when renting a motorcycle is being completely insured against any kind of issue. Typically, motorcycle rental contracts already include some type of third-party liability insurance, covering damages to third parties in case of an accident.

However, make sure this is the case and request a copy of the policy to carefully review the coverage it provides. Decide based on that whether it’s necessary to take out additional insurance. In our experience, the insurance included in motorcycle rentals is basic, covering the minimum, and, in many cases, may have a high deductible.

For complete peace of mind during the rental period, we recommend considering additional insurance, such as comprehensive insurance or specific collision and damage coverage, which can cover the costs of repairing any damaged parts of the motorcycle. Additionally, if you’re traveling to locations, countries, or cities with low security levels, it’s also advisable to take out vehicle theft insurance, which will reimburse the value of the motorcycle in case of theft.

Driving Insurance

Reservation and Rental Agreement

Finally, the last documentation you’ll need to review to commence your motorcycle rental period is the contract and the confirmed reservation from the company. Generally, before being able to ride the motorcycle, you’ll need to present the reservation confirmation you received in your email to sign the rental agreement.

Ensure you have the reservation confirmation with you, whether online or in print, including details like the motorcycle model, total rental cost, pickup and return dates and locations, and your personal information. Once you’ve shown the reservation confirmation, the company will present the rental agreement for you to sign.

Take your time to read and understand it, examining the terms and conditions, associated costs, rental period, and the responsibilities you’ll have as the lessee. Inform yourself independently and ask any questions you need to the rental company’s team to ensure you’ve thoroughly covered all contractual aspects.

Reservation and Rental Agreement

As you can see, rent a motorcycle requires some document preparation, which, if you have ready in advance, can save you a lot of time and effort. Similarly, we recommend that you always communicate directly with the motorcycle rental company you have chosen to learn about the specific requirements they will ask for and prepare the documentation accordingly. This way, you can benefit from a simpler rental process, allowing you to enjoy what truly matters: a great experience riding on two wheels.

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