What Is The Best Motorcycle For Traveling?

BMW R 1300 GS
Which motorcycle model and brand are the best for traveling? We'll tell you in this post and help you easily choose the type of motorcycle that will accompany you on your next adventure.

When you are looking for a good motorcycle to accompany you on your road trips, it’s natural to have doubts about which model will best adapt to the conditions of the route and your riding experience. The truth is that, although the perfect motorcycle obviously doesn’t exist, fortunately today we do have models that come quite close to these levels of excellence.

This is the specific case of the new BMW R 1300 GS, a model just out of the factory and that will be available for rent at REVV starting next November. However, we know perfectly well that choosing the best motorcycle for traveling depends a lot on the route you are going to follow, your experience as a rider, and your priorities in terms of comfort.

For all these reasons, in this post we want to review with you all the advantages offered by the BMW R 1300 GS, its new features, and why we think it is the best motorcycle for any type of trip. 

BMW R 1300 GS: A Versatile and Durable Motorcycle 

The new BMW R 1300 GS  is unequivocally the perfect adventure touring motorcycle, where you can adjust many values to your size and needs. Thanks to its innovative modular frame design, this bike is perfectly equipped for all types of trips and experiences.

It is a surprisingly light motorcycle, with a weight of just 237 kg, making it easy to achieve your riding goals, providing an exceptional experience on any terrain. You will maintain control in all situations, including curves, braking and acceleration, thanks to its renewed suspension, monocoque rear chassis, and innovative adaptive height regulation, among many other customization options. 

BMW R 1300 GS

Exceptional Performance on Road and Off-Road 

One of the main reasons we consider the BMW R 1300 GS the best motorcycle for traveling is due to its excellent performance, both on the road and off-road. Equipped with a powerful two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine, this bike offers a power of 145 HP at 7750 rpm. A motorcycle with smooth acceleration and a top speed of more than 200 km/h, allowing you to cover long distances with ease.

Additionally, the maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6500 rpm guarantees a quick response and excellent overtaking capabilities, which are essential on long trips where road conditions can vary. Furthermore, the BMW R 1300 GS complies with the EU 5 exhaust gas emission regulations, making it environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, the suspension of this motorcycle has been completely redesigned to offer you a smooth and precise riding experience. With a front damping travel of 190 mm and a rear travel of 200 mm, the BMW R 1300 GS is able to maintain control at all times and on all types of terrain. The monocoque rear chassis and the EVO Telelever system provide additional stability, which is crucial for traveling long distances safely. 

BMW R1300 GS

High Standard Equipment 

Another factor that makes us choose the  BMW R 1300 GS as the best motorcycle for traveling  is its standard equipment. In addition to being able to fully customize this model, the features that this motorcycle brings from the factory make it a superior model among large adventure bikes.

This motorcycle includes a TFT screen with BMW Motorrad Connectivity software, allowing you to access essential information while driving. Its matrix LED headlight provides excellent visibility on the road, while its Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) system and BMW Motorrad ABS Pro braking system give you extra control and unmatched safety.

BMW R 1300 GS

Furthermore, the BMW R 1300 GS offers four riding modes: Eco, Rain, Road, and Enduro, allowing you to adapt to any road condition. With its Hill Start Control (HSC), Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), and Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC), you will enjoy maximum comfort and protection also on long trips.

And if you thought that all these features were incompatible with riding comfort, the BMW R 1300 GS also features heated grips, integrated turn signals in the handguards, and a mobile phone storage compartment with a USB connector. Plus, you can enjoy smooth and controlled riding thanks to the engine drag torque control (MSR). 

Innovative Design and Exceptional Ergonomics 

The design of the BMW R 1300 GS is, for us, the best combination of minimalism and functionality. From the front fender to the rear, through the tank and the seat, the aerodynamic lines and the flat tank ramp are all designed to ensure excellent ergonomics on both short and long journeys. The rider’s seat has a variable height of between 800 and 890 mm, helping you find the perfect position for a comfortable ride, both for you and if you decide to travel with a companion.

The rear of the bike is short and features a stylized sports seat, perfect for couple travel, along with a sporty grab handle that not only adds an eye-catching visual touch but also provides great comfort to passengers. The GS Flyline, with an ultra-flat line at the tank seat, gives you total freedom of movement, making maneuverability much simpler, something essential for traveling on diverse terrains.

The BMW R 1300 GS also offers a wide range of ergonomic variability, allowing riders to perfectly master any type of road. Thanks to the optional Riding Assistant’s environment sensor system, you can keep everything under control and enjoy greater safety on the road.

BMW R1300 GS

For all these reasons, we have no doubt that the new BMW R 1300 GS is the best motorcycle for traveling that you can find on the current market. Its exceptional performance on the road, its high level of equipment, its innovative design, and its ergonomic advantages make it the perfect motorcycle for any route. Whether long road trips or off-road adventures, this bike provides an unparalleled riding experience that turns trips into an exciting adventure at maximum performance.

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