Things to Consider Before Renting a Motorcycle

Tips for renting a motorcycle
We explain all the tricks and best tips you should consider to safely and confidently rent a motorcycle and make the most of your upcoming journey.

Renting a motorcycle is always an excellent idea for trying out new models fresh from the factory, organizing a great trip, or simply enjoying quality riding. We all love that feeling of freedom and the possibility of riding a different motorcycle than our own or one we have always dreamed of.

Currently, there are all kinds of options to rent a quality motorcycle. However, it’s important to know the key factors that will make this a safer and more comfortable experience for you. For this reason, today we’ve prepared a post about the most important things you should consider when renting a motorcycle.

Gather All the Necessary Documentation for the Rental

Before starting to look for rental companies and options, the first step you should take is to make sure you gather all the documentation required to formalize the contract. Although the amount of documentation may vary depending on the company, you will normally need to present your driving license, ID, and a credit or debit card to hold the deposit amount. 

Either way, our main recommendation is to check the specific requirements of each agency before beginning any other procedure. Keep in mind that some may require a more specific license to drive their motorcycles, such as the A2 permit.

motorcycle license

Choose the Most Suitable Type of Motorcycle for Your Trip

Before deciding which motorcycle rental to go for, you need to have a clear idea of the type of trip you’re going to make and what kind of motorcycle you need to accomplish it. Consider companies that offer motorcycles prepared for the roads you will travel and choose a model with a good balance between comfort and safety. 

If you plan to take a long route, like a week-long road trip across several countries, a model like the BMW S1000 XR would be best. Conversely, if you are looking for a motorcycle to navigate a large city and easily reach any destination, perhaps a scooter would be the best value for money. And finally, if you’re into true off-road adventure, nothing beats the new and powerful BMW R1300 GS 2024, now available for rent on our website.


Calculate the Rental Time Well

Once you know what type of motorcycle you’re going to rent, the next step is to correctly calculate how long you will need it. Keep in mind that companies usually rent in 24-hour periods, so adjust the pick-up and drop-off time to make the most of your time. Also, we advise you to try to book your motorcycle as far in advance as possible, especially if you are traveling in high season. 

Make sure you’re booking the motorcycle for the exact time you need it to avoid being charged extra for late return. Similarly, also find out what grace period you have for returning the motorcycle, as it can be half an hour in some companies and up to two hours in others.

Check the Motorcycle Before Taking It on the Road

We know perfectly well that excitement and motivation we have when we are handed the rental motorcycle to go for a ride. However, this is one of the key moments when starting the rental. Before getting on the motorcycle and hitting the road, take a few minutes to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. 

Start and stop the motorcycle, check the condition of the tires, and make sure the lights and brakes work properly. Ensure there are no visible damages and always make a detailed video showing all parts of the motorcycle within the dealership and the date it was recorded. Also, if you detect any problems, inform the company immediately to avoid future responsibilities.

Check the Motorcycle

Learn About the Rental Conditions

This step is fundamental for your safety and comfort. Make sure to read and understand all the terms, conditions, and clauses of the rental contract, so you know the limits, rights, and obligations you have with the vehicle. Pay special attention to cancellation charges, age restrictions, and any other relevant clause that might affect your rental experience. Below, we list the key aspects you should be very clear about when renting a motorcycle.

rental conditions

Insurance, Emergencies, and Accidents

As always, the most important thing is your safety. Read and ask everything you need to know exactly what insurance is included in the rental, what it would cover in case of an accident, and how you should proceed with the company if something happens. 

Consider taking out additional insurance for more coverage, as the insurances included in motorcycle rentals are usually quite basic. Ask them to include a model of an amicable report in the documentation folder and save the most relevant contact numbers for quick assistance if needed.

 save the most relevant contact numbers

Find Out the Limits of the Rental

Another essential point in any rental contract is the limits it includes, both in terms of mileage and borders. Often you’ll find companies that limit the total number of kilometers or per day, or prevent you from crossing borders with other countries. For this, it’s best to plan your itinerary in advance and consult with the rental company about the route you want to take and if their limitations can affect your route.

 Limits of the Rental

Understand the Fuel Policy Clearly

Finally, the last key factor you should consider when renting a motorcycle is the fuel policy. Some companies will require you to return the motorcycle with a full tank, and others will offer you prepaid options for the fuel you will use. Additionally, other companies apply a different fuel policy: they note the exact amount of gasoline in the tank when leaving the dealership and will require it to be at the same level on the day of return.

Fuel Policy

And those are all our tips for renting a motorcycle reliably and safely. The most important thing is to plan the outing correctly and understand the fundamental details that affect the rental, to have a positive and comfortable experience. Also, we take this opportunity to recommend that you take a look at one of our latest posts, where we tell you what tips you should follow to choose a reliable motorcycle rental company. Keep all our advice in mind and get ready to enjoy your next motorcycle rental trip without unnecessary worries.

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