The BMW Motorrad Days Ultimate Tour: From Barcelona to Berlin

The BMW Motorrad Days Grand Ride: Barcelona's Beginnings to Berlin's Brilliance

From Catalan Charm to Berlin’s Buzz: Charting the Trails of Europe’s Essence

Embark on a motorbike expedition that not only binds the vibrant boulevards of Barcelona to the pulsating heart of Berlin but culminates in a visit to the iconic BMW Motorrad Days. This journey spans notable cities, impressive mountain ranges, and picturesque river valleys, unfurling the very core of Europe’s majesty.

The expedition commences amid the Catalonian charisma of Barcelona, guiding you towards the untouched beauty of Andorra. As days progress, you’re ushered through a myriad of experiences – the serene allure of Gorges du Tarn, the panoramic splendor of Grenoble, and the mountainous magic of Aosta.

Your mid-journey solace is nestled within Lauterbrunnen’s serene valleys. This pause offers a moment to drink in its beauty, maybe through a gentle exploration of its shimmering waterfalls or an aerial view via a scenic cable car. The sojourn further envelops you in the luxury of St. Moritz and the cultural depths of Bolzano, with a rest day inviting unhurried exploration.

The tour then weaves its way through Garmisch’s distinctive Bavarian allure, delves into Nuremberg’s historical tapestry, and finally, converges in Berlin’s dynamic sprawl. Yet, the real pinnacle lies ahead: a visit to the BMW Motorrad Days, a fitting climax to a journey that’s as much about the spirit of motorbiking as it is about Europe’s rich heritage.

From Barcelona to Berlin: A BMW Motorbike Expedition

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Experience the BMW Apex Journey

Embark on a thirteen-day voyage from Barcelona to Berlin, tracing Europe’s scenic terrains atop our latest BMW motorbike models.

Explore Europe's Diverse Landscapes

Steer our elite BMW motorbikes through routes conceived for exploration — from the Pyrenean wonders of Andorra, the dramatic gorges of Tarn, the Alpine splendors of Aosta and Lauterbrunnen, to the iconic culmination at the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin.

Indulge in Continental Opulence

Your expedition from Barcelona to Berlin guarantees stays in exquisite accommodations echoing each region’s distinct charisma. Dive into a culinary adventure that spans from the Spanish coasts to German heartlands, paired impeccably with a curated selection of Europe’s most celebrated wines.

Weave Your Own European Epic

Elevate your journey with bespoke add-ons: envision a bird’s-eye view of the German forests, memorable nights with fellow biking enthusiasts, or a serene retreat in an Alpine lodge nestled amidst snow-clad peaks.

Discover a Five-Star Motorbike Tour from Barcelona to Berlin

Day 1: Barcelona to Andorra - The Catalan Commencement (250km)

Set out from the cultural epicenter of Barcelona and make your way through the winding Catalan roads. Feel the anticipation build as you approach the mountainous haven of Andorra, a serene juxtaposition to the bustling start.

Experience the thrill of the Pyrenees as you ride from Andorra and transition into the majestic canyons of Gorges du Tarn, a geological marvel and a rider’s dream.

Trace the scenic landscapes of Southern France, transitioning from the deep canyons to the Alpine charm of Grenoble. The diverse terrains promise an exhilarating riding experience.

Ride through the heart of the Alps, witnessing the harmonious blend of French and Italian influences in the landscapes and culture as you approach Aosta, the Roman town with history at every corner.

Venture into the heart of Switzerland, with its picturesque valleys and snow-capped peaks. Lauterbrunnen awaits with its cascading waterfalls and idyllic Alpine setting.

Take a breather and soak in the serene beauty of Lauterbrunnen. Explore its waterfalls, cliffside paths, and traditional Swiss chalets, or simply rest and rejuvenate for the journey ahead.

Embark on a journey through some of Switzerland’s most iconic landscapes, leading to the luxurious ski resort town of St. Moritz, renowned for its world-class ambiance and views.

From the Swiss opulence, descend into the Italian Dolomites, reaching Bolzano, a city where Italian and German cultures merge seamlessly.

Immerse yourself in the rich history and natural beauty of Bolzano. Whether it’s exploring medieval castles, visiting archaeological museums, or simply taking in the Dolomite landscapes, there’s plenty to capture your attention.

Bid farewell to the Italian Alps and greet the Bavarian landscapes of Garmisch, a resort town known for its ski sites and panoramic views.

Ride through the heart of Bavaria, experiencing its lush landscapes and historical significance, before reaching Nuremberg, a city that’s a blend of medieval and modern.

End the riding segment of your tour with a dash through Germany’s vibrant landscapes, culminating in the bustling metropolis of Berlin, with its iconic history and culture.

Conclude your European odyssey with a visit to the BMW Motorrad Days. Immerse yourself in the brand’s heritage, innovations, and community spirit. Revel in motorcycle showcases, interactive exhibitions, and connect with enthusiasts from around the world.


The exceptional motorbikes primed for your Barcelona to Berlin trip.

Motorcycle Rental BMW Spain - REVV Travel






BMW R1250GS / Trophy 2023

Una moto de aventura con un estilo distintivo, diseñada para pilotos que ansían rendimiento y estilo en sus viajes. La edición Trophy muestra elementos de diseño especiales y mejoras, garantizando que destaque incluso en los terrenos más desafiantes.

Motorcycle Rental BMW Spain - REVV Travel






BMW R1250GS / Triple Black 2023

Exudando sofisticación, esta versión hace una declaración audaz con su estética elegante y totalmente negra. Más allá de su cautivador aspecto, la Triple Black ofrece características mejoradas que prometen un paseo tan emocionantemente oscuro como su apariencia.

Motorcycle Rental BMW Spain - REVV Travel






BMW S1000XR / Red 2023

Una sport-turismo dinámica que combina la destreza de una moto deportiva con la comodidad de una turismo. Su postura agresiva se complementa con su emocionante aceleración y manejo.

Motorcycle Rental BMW Spain - REVV Travel






BMW F900XR / 2023

Ofreciendo una combinación de deportividad y capacidades de turismo, es una maravilla de peso medio para la carretera abierta. Diseñada con la ergonomía y la aerodinámica en mente, promete un paseo sin comparación.

Motorcycle Rental BMW Spain - REVV Travel






BMW F750GS / 2023

Una aventurera de rango medio ágil y confiable, que cierra la brecha entre los paseos urbanos y las escapadas fuera de carretera. Es la compañera ideal para los pilotos que buscan versatilidad y eficiencia.








Una experiencia única de tres ruedas que combina estabilidad con una presencia audaz que domina la carretera. Su diseño distintivo llama la atención, asegurando que destaques en cada viaje.

Discover more of your motorbike journey from Barcelona to Berlin

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Embark on a Unique Motorcycle Expedition from Barcelona to Berlin

Dive into the Magnetic Charm of Barcelona to Berlin Route with REVV Travel.

Set forth on a route where each kilometer narrates a tale of European beauty and engineering excellence. From the exhilarating start in Barcelona to the grand finale at the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin, every moment is steeped in comfort and meticulous planning.

Your tour’s value is encapsulated in the comprehensive Tour Package detailed above and can be further enriched with any Optional Add-Ons you choose to integrate. For a holistic view of all that’s offered, delve into our tour brochure.

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