From Coastal Gems to Spiritual Centers: Northern Spain on Two Wheels

Northern Spain Exploration: From Barcelona's Charm
to Vigo's Allure

Spanish Sojourn: A Mesmerizing Motorcycle Quest Through Northern Spain

Embark on a motorbike expedition that captures the essence of Northern Spain, weaving through its rich tapestry of coastal cities, mountainous landscapes, and historic landmarks.

The “Northern Spain Tour” provides riders an immersive experience combining thrilling rides, expansive vistas, and a deep dive into Spain’s cultural heritage. Your journey commences from the artistic heartbeats of Barcelona, stretching out through the rugged landscapes and quaint towns that dot the northern fringes of Spain.

Day one pulls riders into the journey with a spirited ride from Barcelona to Puigcerdà, painting a picture of Spain’s diverse terrains and elevations. As each day progresses, you venture deeper into Spain’s northern treasures, with places like Sort and Bielsa showcasing Spain’s age-old traditions and welcoming aura.

The rest day in Bielsa is a golden opportunity to drink in the town’s allure, perhaps wandering its scenic pathways or tasting regional gastronomic specialties. The tour’s crescendo hits with stops in Riglos and the culinary capital, San Sebastián, before meandering further to the spiritual hub of Santiago Compostela. This isn’t just a ride; it’s a chronicle of landscapes, cultures, and histories intertwining.

Riding the Rhythms of Spain's Scenic North

Experience the BMW Thrill

Embark on a ten-day journey across Northern Spain, riding the wave of our latest BMW motorbike lineup.

Explore Spain's Hidden Gems

Pilot our state-of-the-art BMW bikes through roads crafted for exploration — from the rugged northern coastlines to winding mountain pathways and charming historical towns.

Savor Northern Spain's Delights

Your journey promises sophisticated stays in boutique accommodations. Dine at Spain’s revered restaurants, tasting the distinctive flavors of Northern Spanish cuisine complemented by regional wines.

Craft Your Spanish Tale

Enhance your tour with curated experiences: picture a scenic helicopter tour over the Bay of Biscay, exclusive gatherings with biking legends, or a luxurious stay in a historic Spanish villa overlooking lush landscapes.

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Day 1: Barcelona to Puigcerda - A Tale of Two Cities

Start your adventure in the vibrant city of Barcelona, known for its art and unique architecture. Ride through diverse Catalan landscapes, featuring mountains and forests. End the day in Puigcerda, a tranquil town offering fresh mountain air.

Bid farewell to Puigcerda and meander through scenic valleys. Encounter small villages that tell tales of ancient Catalonia. Arrive in Sort, a town that’s a gateway for adventure sports.

Leave Sort for a ride through the Pyrenees’ winding roads. Experience the region’s awe-inspiring geography up close. Spend your evening in Bielsa, a picturesque town surrounded by mountains.

Use this rest day to explore Bielsa’s hidden gems. Wander around the town, soaking in its alpine beauty. Alternatively, take a short hike in the surrounding mountains.

Head out from Bielsa to the renowned Riglos cliffs, a hotspot for rock climbers. Marvel at the majestic formations as you arrive. Spend the night in a local inn, enjoying Aragonese hospitality.

Set forth from Riglos to San Sebastian, a jewel of the Basque Country. The city is famed for its beaches and pintxos, the local tapas. Enjoy a relaxing evening on the sandy shores.

Ride along the scenic coast from San Sebastian to Santander. Enjoy the change in scenery as you enter the Cantabria region. Explore Santander’s historic charm and ocean views.

Take a well-deserved rest in Santander. Explore its beautiful bayside, visit the Royal Palace, or simply enjoy local seafood. The choice is yours.

Ride along the coast to reach Gijon, another seafront gem. The city offers a rich history and an inviting beach. Take a leisurely stroll on the promenade before dinner.

Depart Gijon for Foz, known for its natural spectacle, the Beach of the Cathedrals. Marvel at the awe-inspiring natural rock arches and formations. Feel the grandeur of nature as you walk along the beach.

Begin your ride to Santiago Compostela, an end-point for pilgrims for centuries. Explore the city’s rich religious history and impressive cathedral. Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance.

Conclude your epic tour with a ride to Vigo, a bustling port city. Savor your last evening amidst the Galician culture and coastal landscapes. Reflect on an unforgettable journey.

The top-tier motorbikes lined up for your Northern Spain journey.







BMW R1250GS / Trophy 2023

Una moto de aventura con un estilo distintivo, diseñada para pilotos que ansían rendimiento y estilo en sus viajes. La edición Trophy muestra elementos de diseño especiales y mejoras, garantizando que destaque incluso en los terrenos más desafiantes.







BMW R1250GS / Triple Black 2023

Exudando sofisticación, esta versión hace una declaración audaz con su estética elegante y totalmente negra. Más allá de su cautivador aspecto, la Triple Black ofrece características mejoradas que prometen un paseo tan emocionantemente oscuro como su apariencia.







BMW S1000XR / Red 2023

Una sport-turismo dinámica que combina la destreza de una moto deportiva con la comodidad de una turismo. Su postura agresiva se complementa con su emocionante aceleración y manejo.







BMW F900XR / 2023

Ofreciendo una combinación de deportividad y capacidades de turismo, es una maravilla de peso medio para la carretera abierta. Diseñada con la ergonomía y la aerodinámica en mente, promete un paseo sin comparación.







BMW F750GS / 2023

Una aventurera de rango medio ágil y confiable, que cierra la brecha entre los paseos urbanos y las escapadas fuera de carretera. Es la compañera ideal para los pilotos que buscan versatilidad y eficiencia.








Una experiencia única de tres ruedas que combina estabilidad con una presencia audaz que domina la carretera. Su diseño distintivo llama la atención, asegurando que destaques en cada viaje.

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Embark on a Premier Motorbike Journey through Northern Spain

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