Discover Dali's Surrealism on a Motorcycle

Riding Through the Canvas of Genius: A Journey Across Dalí's Catalonia

2-Day Motorcycle Tour

Embark on a two-day motorcycle odyssey that delves into the surreal world of Salvador Dalí. Our journey begins in the vibrant city of Girona. Here, you’ll mount your trusty steed, a well-tuned BMW of your choice ready to whisk you through the scenic landscapes of Catalonia.

Our first day takes us to Figueres, the birthplace of Dalí and home to the spellbinding Dalí Theatre-Museum. Immerse yourself in the artist’s imaginative realm, where each room unfolds like a walk through his dreams. After soaking in the surreal, we ride through the picturesque Catalan countryside, visiting the Sanctuary of Mare de Deu dels Angels and the charming village of Monells, before arriving at the Gala Dalí Castle Museum in Púbol. This intimate castle offers a glimpse into Dalí’s personal life and his deep love for his muse, Gala.

As we meander through the quaint towns of Sant Sadurní del Heura, Santa Pelaia, and Cassa de la Selva, each turn brings us closer to the heart of Dalí’s Catalonia. Our day culminates at Parador Aiguablava, where the Mediterranean greets us with its serene beauty.

On our second day, the journey takes a coastal turn, leading us to Cadaqués. This seaside gem, with its whitewashed houses and azure waters, was a haven for Dalí. Here, we visit his captivating House-Museum in Portlligat, a labyrinth of rooms and gardens that reveal his eccentric genius. Ride along the rugged Cap de Creus, where the land meets the sea, mirroring Dalí’s fusion of reality and fantasy.

As our surreal safari concludes, we return to Girona, completing a loop that has taken us through the heart of Dalí’s universe. This tour is more than just a ride; it’s a journey into the depths of surrealism, a tribute to one of the most extraordinary artists of the 20th century, and a celebration of the landscapes that shaped his vision. Join us for an experience that’s as fantastical as the works of Salvador Dalí himself, a journey that lingers in memory long after the engines quieten.

Discover Dalí's Catalonia on Top of a BMW Motorcycle


Conduce nuestra flota de BMWs nuevas

Spend two exhilarating days navigating the roads of Catalonia on our selection of BMW motorcycles, perfectly suited for the diverse Catalan landscapes.

Explore Dalí's Surrealist Landscapes

Take the handlebars on roads that weave through the key sites of Salvador Dalí’s life, from his birthplace in Figueres to his beloved Cadaqués, experiencing the places that inspired his surrealistic masterpieces.

Immerse in Catalan Culture

Your journey through Dalí’s Catalonia includes a stay in a charming local parador. Relish in authentic Catalan cuisine, enjoying meals at quaint restaurants that capture the essence of the region.

Customize Your Artistic Adventure

Choose to enhance your tour with additional experiences, such as private guided tours of Dalí’s museums, wine tastings in the renowned Empordà region, or extra nights to delve deeper into the beauty and culture of Catalonia.

Discover the Surrealist's Spain riding a BMW Motorcycle

Day 1 - Girona to Figueres

Start in the historic city of Girona, where your motorcycle awaits. Embark on a scenic ride to Figueres, Dalí’s birthplace, and delve into his surreal world at the famed Dalí Theatre-Museum.

Journey from Figueres through the picturesque Catalan landscape to Cadaqués. Visit Dalí’s intriguing House-Museum in Portlligat. Conclude your surreal safari with a ride back to Girona, enriched by the artistic spirit of Dalí.

These are the motorcycles you can choose for your
Dalí's Catalonia Riding Tour







Rent a BMW R1300GS 2024 Barcelona, Spain


Más caballos, más potencia, más tecnología. Llega la nueva BMW R1300GS ofreciendo una experiencia de conducción personalizada a través de todo tipo de calles.

Sé el primero en probarla.







BMW R1250GS / Trophy 2023

Una moto de aventura con un estilo distintivo, diseñada para pilotos que ansían rendimiento y estilo en sus viajes. La edición Trophy muestra elementos de diseño especiales y mejoras, garantizando que destaque incluso en los terrenos más desafiantes.







BMW R1250GS / Triple Black 2023

Exudando sofisticación, esta versión hace una declaración audaz con su estética elegante y totalmente negra. Más allá de su cautivador aspecto, la Triple Black ofrece características mejoradas que prometen un paseo tan emocionantemente oscuro como su apariencia.







BMW S1000XR / Red 2023

Una sport-turismo dinámica que combina la destreza de una moto deportiva con la comodidad de una turismo. Su postura agresiva se complementa con su emocionante aceleración y manejo.







BMW F900XR / 2023

Ofreciendo una combinación de deportividad y capacidades de turismo, es una maravilla de peso medio para la carretera abierta. Diseñada con la ergonomía y la aerodinámica en mente, promete un paseo sin comparación.







BMW F750GS / 2023

Una aventurera de rango medio ágil y confiable, que cierra la brecha entre los paseos urbanos y las escapadas fuera de carretera. Es la compañera ideal para los pilotos que buscan versatilidad y eficiencia.

Explore More of Your Motorcycle Journey Through Dalí's Catalonia


Experience Your Unique Motorcycle Tour in Dalí's Catalonia

Crafted for motorcycle aficionados, our Dalí’s Catalonia tour with REVV Travel promises an extraordinary exploration. Every detail, from our rendezvous in Girona to our concluding moments, is meticulously curated.

The total cost of your trip encompasses the primary Tour Package described, along with any Optional Add-Ons you decide to incorporate. For a comprehensive overview of what’s included, please refer to the tour brochure.

from £260 per person*

from $319 per person*

from 299€ per person*

*basado en dos huéspedes por moto y en una habitación compartida

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