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The Toughest Decision – Picking Your Tour! Through time, we’ve curated an array of events, each centered around distinct driving and travel adventures. Tours differ based on locale, season, and overarching theme. These themes span the spectrum from the nature of the drive (be it scenic or alpine), to culinary delights, vino, motorbike brands, historical motorsport influences, motorsport, and beyond.

Uncertain about the best tour fit for you? Reach out to our team. We’re more than willing to discuss the nuances of each option to help pinpoint the ideal adventure tailored for you.

Our Tours are organized for intimate groups, typically accommodating 12-24 individuals and 6-12 motorbikes. On average, a group consists of 16 participants with 8 motorbikes.

We’ve deliberately kept our group sizes limited. This ensures we’re nimble enough to partake in unique experiences, be it a private excursion or an exclusive charter. Yet, the groups are adequately sized to maintain an engaging dynamic. 

Tour pricing is quoted on a per-person basis, considering two individuals sharing a vehicle. Both occupants can take turns driving the motorbike.

However, if your companion prefers not to drive, it gives you the privilege of doubling your driving time. Meanwhile, they can relish the breathtaking views and the thrill of being a passenger throughout the journey.

To confirm your participation, an initial deposit of 500€ is necessary. Subsequent payments can be made in full or through instalments, and we provide multiple payment alternatives based on the booking timeline and your preference.

For reservations made over 11 months prior to the event, you have the choice of a 15% deposit with monthly instalments or a 30% deposit with three payments spaced 2-3 months apart. For bookings made within 11 months of the event, a 30% deposit is required, followed by instalments set 1-2 months apart.

Detailed payment conditions are specified in our agreement, which can be provided upon request.

Who typically joins our tours? It’s a common query. Simply put, it’s individuals much like yourself!

Our Tour events gather a blend of individuals, couples or pairs, and small clusters from various parts of the world. The unifying factor is their enthusiasm for adventure, luxury, and certainly, driving or motorsport.

Lone drivers? Absolutely welcomed. If you’re attending solo, we’ll endeavor to pair you with another driver of similar interests.

It’s crucial to clarify that our tours aren’t just for the guys or party-driven rallies. Instead, they’re refined driving experiences, integrating corporate hospitality packages for motorsport events. We have numerous partners who partake either as co-drivers or passengers. We also proudly host solo female guests and employ female staff members.

For insurance considerations and to ensure a standard driving expertise, we advise drivers to be above 25 years of age. In exceptional cases, those below 25 may be allowed as drivers for a Tour, but they might incur an additional charge in case of any mishap.

At the heart of it, our participants eagerly anticipate a remarkable driving journey among a group with shared passions. Many even foster lifelong bonds with fellow participants they’ve connected with during the tour.

Our Tours epitomize the fusion of high-end travel and motorbike enthusiasm. While driving remains a pivotal aspect of our Tours, it’s equally about savoring top-tier accommodations, gastronomy, and the cultural experiences unique to each region.

We place significant emphasis on ensuring our guests recognize that our events aren’t about high-octane, all-boys escapades, nor are they exhaustive drives followed by endless nights of partying. There are other providers who specialize in such offerings, and that’s commendable. However, our REVV Bike Tours possess a distinct charm.

We frequently welcome wives, partners, solo female participants, and even have female members on our team. This inclusive atmosphere is intentional and cherished. If your partner is enthused about sharing this journey, they’re wholeheartedly invited!

To secure a spot on a Tour, you can either navigate to our tours page and book directly online or go to our contact page and fill out your details. Following your submission, a member of our team will touch base with you to wrap up the booking details and clarify any lingering inquiries.

To reserve your place, a modest deposit of 500€ will be required.

Upon confirmation of your participation in a Tour, you’ll be bound by our terms and conditions. These T&Cs detail our cancellation policy, which may vary based on how soon the Tour is set to begin and its current status (whether it’s sold out or has a waiting list).

You can obtain a detailed version of our T&Cs upon request.

Once You've Joined Us

It’s up to participants to ensure they have the necessary passports and travel visas, which will differ based on the target destination and their home country. Please refer to your country’s official travel agency for guidance on requirements and any necessary arrangements. Additionally, we suggest having a passport that’s valid for a minimum of six months beyond your planned return date.

Our team is readily available to offer guidance or help with your travel arrangements related to the Tour. Given our extensive experiences across Europe, the USA, and Australia, Africa and Asia, we possess a trove of recommendations for destinations and activities. Just reach out to us!

Unless explicitly mentioned, transportation to or from the starting or ending point of a Tour isn’t covered in the Tour’s cost. Since we have participants joining from various global locations, all with their unique flight preferences and airline choices, we usually don’t bundle in flight costs.

However, if you need, we’re more than willing to offer guidance or help in booking your flights.

We strongly recommend securing travel insurance and mandate that all attendees have a robust travel insurance policy in place for the entirety of their Tour, as well as any related travel endeavors.

It’s essential to ensure coverage for medical and dental care, personal belongings, liability, cancellations, especially given the ongoing considerations with COVID-19. If you’re involved in driving or racetrack activities, ensure your insurance provides sufficient coverage, especially concerning rental vehicle excess.

Always take the time to review the Policy Disclosure Statement carefully, noting any specific exclusions or conditions that might apply.

On Tour

For our motorbike tours, we typically feature brand-new BMW motorbikes. However, should you desire a different brand or have specific preferences, we can accommodate your requests. If you’re planning a custom Tour for clients, associates, employees, or friends, you have the flexibility to select your preferred supercars or motorbikes from our extensive collection!

Our team has dedicated nearly a decade to crafting and executing international Tours centered around distinct on-road motoring experiences. While we don’t venture off-road, we pride ourselves on our decades of collective expertise in discovering the premier roadways across continents like Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. From the winding paths of Stelvio to the coastal stretches between Miami and California, and from Tasmania to Queensland, we have granted hundreds of enthusiasts an unparalleled experience on the finest driving roads each destination boasts.

In our meticulous logistics, we include a luggage van for every Tour. This van, managed by our dedicated driver, seamlessly transfers your luggage from one hotel to the next each evening. Furthermore, our driver ensures your belongings are neatly arranged in your room, awaiting your arrival.

For daily travels, smaller bags and valuable items can be accommodated either in the vehicles you’ll be driving or in the lead and trailing cars.

Our Tours operate using a relaxed convoy system, comprising up to ten motorbikes, led by a front guide bike and anchored by a sweep bike at the back. Both the lead and sweep bikes are managed by professional support riders. This lead-follow arrangement ensures that the group remains cohesive, letting riders immerse in the journey without fretting over navigation, unforeseen road conditions, or straying off course.

Every motorbike in the convoy is equipped with a two-way radio system. This facilitates seamless communication among the group. For instance:

  • The lead bike can broadcast updates about upcoming changes in road or traffic situations.
  • Riders can convey any concerns or needs to the rest of the group, such as needing fuel, wanting a break, or experiencing bike issues.
  • The sweep bike verifies that all bikes have adhered to navigational cues, offers assistance when needed, or manages other concerns like organizing impromptu photo stops. Their primary aim is ensuring no one lags behind and the group maintains unity.


Naturally, each motorbike carries a significant excess in case of damage or an accident.

To reduce potential risks during our Tours, we’ve put several safeguards in place. These measures include setting a minimum age for riders, reviewing riders’ histories, the convoy approach, utilizing inter-bike communication tools, and, when feasible, steering clear of bustling urban areas.

Should an unfortunate incident occur, the rider is accountable for the insurance excess of the motorbike they’re using. To limit any financial burdens for participants, we highly advise opting for a policy that offers substantial rental vehicle excess coverage. Additionally, consider discussing with your insurance provider about enhancing this coverage for a minimal extra charge.

Before the Tour commences, riders will be briefed on the excess associated with each motorbike and any additional fees that might be applicable in case of an accident or damage.

Let’s dive into the essentials – where you’ll rest and what you’ll savor!

We hold the view that your lodging and dining experiences should elevate your entire journey. Hence, we prioritize boutique luxury accommodations or distinctive, immersive stays whenever feasible. Think along the lines of historic castles, elegant chateaus, secluded private villas, luxurious eco-camps, majestic yachts, and serene lodges, among others.

Evenings revolve around culinary delights where participants bond over gourmet dishes, paired with the finest wines and bubbly. Whether it’s a globally renowned restaurant or a quaint local eatery, every meal promises a memorable experience. While gourmet breakfasts are typically included in the accommodation package, mid-day meals are kept light, either en route or as an integral part of the scheduled activities.

It’s essential to note that unless explicitly included, accommodation and dining expenses are distinct from the primary Tour fee. This separation stems from the variety in lodging choices and individual preferences, whether it’s room categories (standard, deluxe, or suites) or occupancy types (single, twin, or double).

Once everything’s in place, a detailed brochure for each Tour will showcase the accommodation and dining packages, allowing you to make your choices.

Need an International Driving License?

Many countries require an International Driving License for driving on their roads. It’s crucial to have one to avoid any issues with your insurance.

Ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey by obtaining your International Driving License ahead of your trip.


Get your international driving license with REVV Travel

Amazing experience, the team is very knowledgeable and helped with amazing routes!

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