Curve Master's Quest: Costa Brava's 365 Challenge

Curve Master's Quest: Brava's 365 Challenge

2-Day Motorcycle Tour

Embark on a two-day motorcycle journey that navigates the thrilling 365 curves along the stunning Costa Brava. Your adventure starts at Girona Airport, where a BMW motorcycle is primed for your journey along Spain’s most captivating coastal roads.

The first day takes us from Girona to the vibrant coastal towns of Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar, and Sant Feliu de Guixols, each offering breathtaking views and the essence of Mediterranean charm. Enjoy a refreshing break in Sant Feliu de Guixols, followed by a scenic lunch at Llafranch. The afternoon is filled with awe-inspiring views from Far de Sabastià, then winding through Tamariu, Begur, and the historic towns of Pals and La Bisbal d’Empordà, renowned for its ceramics. Our day concludes at the Hotel Costa Brava in Platja d’Aro.

The second day is an exhilarating ride back to Girona, taking a different route that includes the sanctuary of Sant Grau and the picturesque towns of Llagostera and Caldes de Malavella. We’ll venture through the lush landscapes of Sant Hilari Sacalm, Espinelves, and Sant Sadurni d’Osomort, pausing for lunch at Hosta la Guineu. The journey continues through the medieval charm of Hostalric, with a final stop in the quaint village of Rupit, before concluding at Girona Airport.

This tour is an exhilarating exploration of Costa Brava’s legendary curves and scenic beauty, offering a perfect blend of coastal vistas, cultural richness, and motorcycle adventure. Join us for an unforgettable ride that weaves through the heart of Catalonia’s most picturesque landscapes.

Conquer the 365 Curves of Costa Brava on a BMW Motorcycle


Ride Our Fleet of New BMW Motorcycles

Set off on an exhilarating two-day adventure along the Costa Brava, mastering its 365 legendary curves on our fleet of top-tier BMW motorcycles, perfectly suited for the thrilling coastal roads.

Navigate Costa Brava's Iconic Routes

Experience the essence of the Mediterranean as you curve along the coastal roads from Lloret de Mar to Sant Feliu de Guixols, and explore the charming seaside towns of Llafranch, Tamariu, and Begur.

Discover Local Gems and Scenic Views

Stay in a select coastal hotel, immersing yourself in the region’s hospitality. Enjoy meals in local restaurants, where each dish brings you closer to the heart of Catalan culinary traditions.

Customize Your Coastal Adventure

Tailor your tour with options like exploring the historic towns of Pals and La Bisbal d’Empordà, known for its ceramics, or relaxing in scenic spots like Far de Sabastià with its breathtaking coastal views.

Master Costa Brava's Twists on a BMW Motorcycle

Day 1 - Girona to Platja d'Aro

Begin your journey at Girona, riding towards Lloret de Mar. Experience the renowned motorcycling roads of Costa Brava, passing through Tossa de Mar, and concluding in Sant Feliu de Guixols. Discover picturesque viewpoints along the way.

Depart from Hotel Costa Brava, heading back towards Girona. The route includes the road from Sant Feliu to Tossa with a detour towards Sant Grau, then on to Llagostera. Enjoy a midday break at Hosta la Guineu, and conclude with a scenic return to Girona Airport, passing through Hostalric.

These are the Motorcycles Available for Your
365 Curve Challenge Through Costa Brava Riding Tour







Rent a BMW R1300GS 2024 Barcelona, Spain


The 2024 BMW R1300GS melds innovative design with cutting-edge features like Dynamic Suspension Adjustment, offering a tailored riding experience across both city streets and rugged trails.

Be the first one to try it.







BMW R1250GS / Trophy 2023

An adventure bike with a distinct flair, designed for riders who crave performance and style in their journeys. The Trophy edition showcases special design elements and upgrades, ensuring it stands out even in the most challenging terrains.







BMW R1250GS / Triple Black 2023

Exuding sophistication, this version paints a bold statement with its sleek, all-black aesthetics. Beyond its captivating look, the Triple Black offers enhanced features that promise a ride as darkly thrilling as its appearance.







BMW S1000XR / Red 2023

A dynamic sport-tourer blending the prowess of a sport bike with the comfort of a tourer. Its aggressive stance is matched by its exhilarating acceleration and handling.







BMW F900XR / 2023

Offering a blend of sportiness and touring capabilities, it’s a middleweight marvel for the open road. Designed with ergonomics and aerodynamics in mind, it promises an unparalleled ride.







BMW F750GS / 2023

A nimble and reliable mid-range adventurer, bridging the gap between urban rides and off-road escapades. It’s the ideal companion for riders looking for versatility and efficiency.

Explore More of Your Motorcycle Journey Along the Costa Brava Curves


Experience Your Unique Motorcycle Tour Along the Costa Brava Curves

Explore More of Your Motorcycle Journey Along the Costa Brava Curves

Experience Your Unique Motorcycle Tour Along the Costa Brava Curves, specially crafted for motorcycle aficionados. Our “365 Curvas Costa Brava Motorcycle Tour” with REVV Travel is a meticulously designed adventure. From your departure at Girona to the exhilarating coastal routes, every detail is carefully orchestrated.

The total cost of your journey encompasses the primary Tour Package, along with any Optional Add-Ons you decide to include. For an in-depth overview of what’s covered in this scenic exploration, please refer to the tour brochure.

from £238 per person*

from $291 per person*

from 273€ per person*

*based on two guests per bike and in a shared room

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